14250 plus last summers thread

I didn’t get to play with this in time for the giveaway and quite frankly wouldn’t want to let this idea loose on anyone but I just put 2 14250 in series with 2 xte’s also in series with my modified 7135 driver. It pulled 25 mA on low, 450mA on med, and 740 mA on high. I think that maxed the current draw for these particular cells. Still need to work out battery management.

I'm watching you, with interest.

I have the layout for the battery guage board done but there are a few things that I need to learn about prototyping boards. not sure if it would fit in a AA mag but it would be cool to know at a glance the charge state of 1-3 cell lights with an 18mm board. I don’t have the time I’d like but the idea is not shelved.

If you need boards made Seeedstudio is great. They're pretty cheap, not the fastest but a great price.


For 5 bucks a square inch you get three boards. No setup or delivery charges. If you use Eagle for your layouts you can just send them the .BRD files and not bother with making Gerbers. Boards are Made in the USA!

Hmmm… I think for my next order I may get them there, just because the shipping would be quicker.

To fit it all on one side of an 18 mm board I need to customize the pad layouts for many of the chips into a parts library and have been unwilling to cut post time for study.