14500 800mah EVVA Protected battery

I just got a couple of these from Fasttech and I'm pleasantly surprised at their capacity.

Charged them and then discharged the first one on Hobby Charger to 3 Volts and got 820mah.

The second one - discharged at 1 amp went to 817mah

found here: http://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10005950/1455004-14500-3-7v-800mah-protected-rechargeable-li-ion

I bought a pair of EVVA protected 14500s from Mountain Electronics that use the Sanyo UR14500P 840mAh cells inside and they’re just too long to fit in my three lights and work: Xeno E03, L3 L10 and an Icon Rogue 1. They’re even too long to fit in my plastic snap cases.

If they fit in your lights, they’re an excellent cell to have.


Label says cell made in japan. With 14500s that normally means sanyo.