14500 batt and charger recommendation

I just bought a Tiara A1 and while I’m impressed with the output on eneloops (which I have a drawer full of because I’m a photog by trade) I’m looking to buy 2 x 14500 batteries and a charger.

I would like the charger to also handle eneloops, if possible. I do own the good MQR06 eneloop charger but obviously that wont handle 14500. Some of the Nitecore chargers like this, look like they charge everything. Seems too good to be true…

I’m not looking to spend over $30 for the charger and the two 2 x 14500 batts.

I’ve searched the forum and found some answers from a few years back, and more recent answers that are just making me confused.

Thank You for the help.

If your limit is $30, get yourself two Sanyo 14500UR cells (perhaps the best 14500s out there) and an Xtar MC1 (or two).


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I recommend that You buy Protected (mainly for safety) 14500 Li-Ion batteries that use a Sanyo UR14500P (Japanese) cell...

..with a Japanese protection IC.

I have been using & I am Very Happy with these:

KeepPower 14500 840mAh U$7.99 3.7v Protected Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery (14.25x52.5mm,Japan cell+IC,Sanyo UR14500P)

And I use a Nitecore I4 Charger to charge them.

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There is a Banggood Code to get about 8% discount on those batteries.

If You want it, I can provide it by PM


any of the three batteries listed are good.


here’s your charger.

edit… The nightcores do charge both batteries chemistry.

Protected cells can be an issue due to their increased length, and the possible damage that increased spring tension or (worse yet) spring binding may cause. As far as whether you need protected cells, the Tiara A1 specs say it has built-in low voltage protection. There really isn’t much need for protected cells as long as you also have a good charger.