14500 battery pulls ? Does this exist ?

Hi all, I’ve already harvested 3 li-ion laptock battery packs and find 18 18650 cells in good shape.
However, I’d like to buy some AA/14500 flashlights and was thinking about finding some free 14500.

Is anybody aware of a good source to find 14500 ?

Most camera batteries use them (dv cam particularly).

Thank you, I hadn’t think of that !

I thought most camera batteries were either AA/NimH or lithium flat cells. Did I miss something? Which cameras use 14500 Li-Ion cells?

I have an old Canon GL1 battery that uses Li-ion. I wanna say they’re 18650.

Like what i highlighted, dv cams. Some of their battery packs contain 14500 cells, but is rare due to dv cams becoming less popular

Very old dv cams and phones use this. I saw a pack opened from another forum


I’ve heard from a non-light savvy friend that some Rigid cordless tool batteries have what he called “AA sized batteries” but I cannot confirm. All the other’s I have opened up used larger cells.


new camera packs now use 18500 or 16340 (or flat lipo packs)

14500 packs are kinda hard to find for me somehow.

Be careful cracking those little camera batteries, because if they do contain the foil-and-mylar bubble type li-ion cells, they’re really easy to pop.