14500 charger/eneloops AA

Charger recommendations for 14500 cells?

Empty cells! Gotta recharge them :smiley: :partying_face:

I messed up this thread. Don’t know how to delete it sorry. Charger recommendations for orbtronic protected 14500 batteries? SV2 Rocket goes back to 1amp after short power outages.

This is my first time using 14500 cells

Don’t you have a Miboxer C4-12? Why not just use that?

Pete I did a double thread on accident AGAIN lol. I think you seen my other one. They don’t fit.

If you want something small and inexpensive, the Xtar XP1 Hummingbird is a single bay USB multi-chem charger that does 250mA and 500mA rates. It only accepts AA/14500 sizes, or smaller, however, but is inexpensive and small in size.


Thanks Chris I will keep that in mind along with those chargers Teacher suggested.

I appreciate all the help from everyone. I just cant figure out whats going on with my Miboxer C4-12 charger which im sure there is already a thread about somewhere.

Sorry for the off topicness

I have terrible luck!

There are also two from Litokalla—their 100 and 202 single and dual bay USB true multi-chem/multi-voltage chargers that do fit the 18650 cells (I have two of each.)

They are both under $8, like the Xtar and work well in my experience.

These are all ‘pocket’ type chargers.


Those are the 2 Teacher recommended :smiley:

I have the Rocket SV2 by Xtar and it works great, also HKJ said it was a great or very good charger for a simple charger IIRC. Just a little more bulky than the 100 and 202 it looks like but idk for sure.

Thanks again Chris. Just might order me 1 of those just to have an extra laying around for my walks and bike rides :slight_smile:

Hi Mike,

For me, they’re just back-ups for my 14w solar panel during hurricane season, although they work well and can easily work well in my truck.


Ohh I just noticed you are in Florida! Last year didnt you all get hit by that tropical storm or was that Texas? Thats a good idea about the backups!

We dont have very many solar panels here in the mitten except the DTE (some people got em at home. Not many though).

Solar panels have USB on them? dumb question lol :person_facepalming: :person_facepalming:

Obviously, but i didnt know you could use them to charge batteries till you mentioned it

Hurricane Irma in ’17 right after Harvey in Houston.

Yes, about 3-4 years ago, smaller folding USB panels started to hit the market. Some are so-so, some are pretty good, like the Anker PowerPort 21w. These things never deliver near the amperage that they advertise and then if they get close, it’s under laboratory conditions.

Still, they have their place and aren’t too spendy. I have a 12vdc 60w rigid setup to charge up 12vdc mother batteries, which I then use to power 12vdc fans and battery chargers, so that system works well. I also have the SKD 14w jobbie, which is easier to move out of my condo for charging up power banks and what not.

I’m not a prepper, but I try and have stuff on hand when the power goes out and it was out for 84 hours during Irma!

A lot of this stuff is not expensive and works well in a pinch, even if it doesn’t all last 30 years.


I got 1 FS with 2 14500 that came it with.



Thanks Hank!
Right now im using my Opus BT-C3100 V2.2 with some eneloop brand AA.

I heard fugitsu or whoever makes them panasonic AAs. I got the white ones.

Do they still make that Xtar charger?

Idk how the opus does at charging NiMH. I have the Maha 808M charger conditioning my D NiMHs right now. Been a few days lol. Taking forever.

I got 1 14500 charger that came with 2 14500 batteries. Charger designed for 14500 but can charge 18650 if needed. I got it for sale.

The Xtar XP1 no longer shows up on Xtar’s official site, but the XP4 Panzer does.

You can find them out and about.

The Opus is a pulse charger on NiMH, but does a decent job. The only issue on my 3400, is that I can only discharge four NiMH at a max rate of 700mA per slot, but 1A for li-ions.

Never figured that one out.


Thanks Chris I’ll check out that XP4 Panzer for sure.