14500 charger/eneloops AA

That’s not unusual for protected 14500 cells, IME.

It is going insane with the resistance (999, 434, 578, 700 area) etc… on and on. Battery was charging last night from 29%…… the mAh went up to 745mAh, but the percentage never increased one bit till I took it out then put back in.

It then said 75%

Hey Pete or anyone, where is the cheapest place to get some Eneloop pro AAs that are real Eneloop, not fakes? I’ve seen Walmart eneloop pro. Is amazon the way to go?

Is there much difference between eneloop (white) and the pros other than the capacity?

Thanks :smiley:

You can look at the black label Fujitsu cells as well which are the same as Eneloop Pro. Newegg often has them on sale. Last time I paid $13.50 for an 8-pack.

AmazonBasics High Capacity AA NiMH cells are also good, thought to be rebranded Eneloop Pro as well, although possibly an older generation.

Eneloop standard (white) is rated for 2100 recharge cycles.
Eneloop Pro (black) is rated for 500 recharge cycles.

Wow thanks Pete! I almost bought an 8 pack of pros last night on amazon but it was around $30! Is a Maha charger good with these cells? Powerex 8 cell charger and I think it charges at 1 amp for normal charging but don’t quote me on that

Powerex MH-C808M

No idea. I use my Miboxer for everything. Sometimes I pull out my old Opus C2400 charger as well if I need to test NiMH cell capacity.

Lol speaking of my favorite charger…… should I just order another C4-12 and see how it goes? I messaged Miboxer sales on here about the charger, but I’ve had it well over a year. Probably about 2 years

I’m confused. The Miboxer C4-12 can fit a 32650 in it according to the specs yet a 14500 won’t fit?

What am I missing?

I’m confused too. Why do your 14500’s not “fit”??

They “fit” but nothing happens. No charge nothing except for the 2nd slot.

AA no problem but the protected Sanyos nothing.

Dont know why. Thats just my messed up charger for ya.

I have owned 2 C4-12 in the past 2 years or so and both ive had nothing but issues with EXCEPT for my 26650s they handle the automatic test/charge thing just fine. Any of my 18650s i constantly get 700-999 IR so the charge rate wont go past 0.01A.

The 2nd slot for 14500 just plops right in and charges no fiddling around needed.
All other slots i have to lift both positive and negative up for the 14500 and its all crooked and looks like its going to come flying out of the charger.
AA work in all 4 slots perfect.

I dont get it either. I messaged Miboxer sales on here no response. Is there someone else i should be messaging about this??

Ooooh, OK. :+1: They do “fit” physically in the charger, it just won’t charge them.

I was just confused by what you said in the OP, <span class=“fine.” just do AAs but Miboxer my in fit don’t 14500 “The”>

My bad, I understand now. Thank you for clarifying that. :slight_smile:

Darn, that’s too bad - perhaps it’s a contact issue, which is throwing off the voltage it’s reading from shorter cells?
With multi-chemistry chargers, I think they treat about <1.5V as NiMH, and >2.5V as Li-ion. So if it reads anything that falls in between, it would probably consider it a dead Li-ion and not be charged.

Perhaps you could try pressing down/inwards on the sliding bit of the slot while the 14500 is in there, to improve its contact with the rail and the cell?

Serlite i always end up charging my li-ion cells of any size at around 3.4V just because sometimes i can notice a little brightness difference (or think i can)…. pretty much i like to keep my cells charged up nice and good. if i use a cell in any light for a few days, i always find myself charging them up again.

I have tried pushing down inwards on the slider but it didn’t work :-\

I just went ahead and ordered another C4-12 off Amazon and if it dont work I’ll just send it back.

I know it’s not compact or travel size, but i really like my Miboxer lol.

Everyone share some good luck for me lol.
I don’t know what else could be causing this issue.

Any other thoughts? Anyone?

No problem teacher :slight_smile: my bad I worded that wrong how about them not fitting sorry

Since the 26650’s work perhaps there’s something loose or misaligned under the slots? Maybe you can open it up and see if there’s something obviously wrong with it. If I had your problem I would space out the 14500’s or 18650’s with magnets or some metal to be the same length as the 26650 to see if that made a difference.

I would, but I dont have the knowledge at all when it comes to taking a charger apart and figuring that stuff out :person_facepalming:

30Q cells solder blobbed tops work great in the miboxer but these smaller cells obviously arent solder blobbed. My Panasonic 18650s are actually longer than all of my 26650s (Panny Bs)

I will try something. Unfortunately the only magnets I have are my medical magnets which are stupidly big (almost as wide as the charger) Hmmm……

Ok so my charger slot 2 no longer works, but here are some pictures of the weird resistance ive been talking about on brand new orbtronic 14500

And i forgot the pics. Hang on.