My 14500 host works now, but only with a Lumintop battery. The Shockli and Sofirn is too long. Can I remove the wrapper and take the button out? I only have 2 of each so I ain't gonna try. Also, yeah its a green led but what's up with the bluey center part??? I though green led = green light

If only the smallest battery fits, it means that the springs on each side are too long and making too much pressure on the longer batteries, no?
Can you trim one of them or isn’t it possible?

About the “blue” in the green led, are you using an appropriate driver for that led? I am not familiarized with these kind of leds, but maybe it is pushed too much, no? (Sorry if what I’m saying is not accurate at all)!

if you see that blue with your eyes, not just your camera,
my guess is the LED is damaged from too much power applied

Is the max lumen output of your host driver, when it has a “normal” LED, more than 400 lumens? That much power may have melted the center of the led… does it look damaged? Did you run it on Turbo, did it get hot…?

To my eyes there is No blue light visible in the beam of my green LEDs, though my camera thinks there is a little:

neither of my lights has a very high output
the max on the AAA light on the left, is 160 lumens w a “normal” xpl CW
max on the host on the right, is 300 lumens, on 16340 , w a normal xpg CW

Yeah trimming the spring sounds good. I’ll give it a go but for now I’ll just leave the Lumintop batt in. It’s smaller capacity but I don’t use the 14500 alot. Just at night when I go into the back yard.
Oh yeah hehe, I completely forgot about the actual beam color which is green. I think what happen was after I took the picture, I was kinda excited and rushed to report it here but forgot about the real beam color on the wall lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

all our problems should be so simple :beer:


what do you like about green, that makes you choose it over a normal LED

are you trying not to scare animals? or, are you a ninja and dont want to give away your position… or?

my green lights are just for curiosity, I find I can see better with Green than with Red, but I can see best with High CRI…

Well I choose green because I was told that you can see further at night plus you can see darker animals too. And yeah it's true because I've experienced it! I guess this story that happened to a similar person explains best what I'm talking about.

"Well for I am not sure what has been visiting my house lately, but it is not a normal animal. At the moment I think skinwalker is the most likely I recentIy moved to Vancouver Washington, and live in a suburb that is heavily forested, we have some quarries nearby and lakes and rivers. I live with my family, but i am usually up much later than the rest of my family, so naturally i am in the dark house alone, or driving around late at night (oftentimes until around 4am) since we moved to this house, i have seen some weird stuff.

I have never really felt comfortable in this neighborhood, mainly because, I often see shapes that at first glance seem humanoid in the trees and in the patches of forest, but until recently i have been able to brush them off as optical illusions.

Most of the occurrences began one night when I longboarded to the park. On my way up the street, I saw a tall vehicle (when i got closer i realized it was a truck) shining a floodlight into a lot next to the park full of tall grass and shrubbery, and the light was moving through the grass like the person behind it was looking for something. I figured that maybe the guy was searching for coyotes or his pet or maybe even the family of deer that lives near my neighborhood, but as soon as I got to the park to rest and look at the stars, I began to feel like I was being watched. I became too sketched out to stay, so I rode home, but that feeling of being watched never really went away.

Since that night, I have been increasingly uncomfortable when outside at night.

A few days ago I went to put my dog outside around 12:30 am so she would not pee on the carpet, I opened the door, but she would not go outside. she looked through the doorframe as though there were something out there, so I walked outside and called for her to come out too. She walked out slowly, and while she was walking to the grass, I heard rustling in some bushes 5-10 meters away in a pitch black corner of the yard. My dog heard this, and and stood between me and the corner the noise was coming from (she was not standing in a threatening position, but the way she was staring into the dark did not convey passivity) my dog does her business and we go back into the house.

I decide to spend some time on reddit in the kitchen, with my dog sitting next to me on the floor.

I am petting her head when my other dog climbs out of her bed and walks over wanting some attention herself. She starts whining (her way of demanding attention), and I swear to god, every time she made a noise, I heard the exact same noise come from the window behind me. The dog I was already petting’s ears perked up, but then the other dog stopped whining and the mimicry stopped. I heard little noises like rustling and occasionally muffled animal noises that I could not really make out for the rest of that night.

Then last night happened.

I let the same dog out at about the same time for the same reasons, last night and as soon as I opened the door I heard that rustling again and my dog and I walked outside. I was half expecting for something to rush out of the bushes and tear my face off, but nothing yet. We go back inside, and I try to avoid sitting by any windows, but it is tough because my house has tons of windows. I decide to play some games on my computer, but not before grabbing a bite to eat, so I toss a bag of popcorn in the microwave, and when I turned away from the microwave, I saw something through the window.

I have no idea what it is I saw, as it moved almost as soon as I saw it, but I did see the whites of its eyes. They were inhuman.

Tonight, I am not going to let my dog out at 12:30, and am going to stay in my room for as long as possible (my room is on the 2nd floor so I feel like I am safer up here), but I am still terrified of whatever i saw. I am afraid whatever it was that truck was looking for found me and followed me home."

> I choose green because I was told that you can see further at night plus you can see darker animals too

thats what they say about hunting hogs, when you dont want them to notice you stalking them:

“Green is a good balance between white and red – it allows the hunter to see a bit farther and perceive darker colored objects while still maintaining a higher level of stealth than a white light.”

so yes, compared to red, green is a better hog hunting color, IF you are the predator, and dont want to use white light because you think your prey will get scared off

but you can see even better with white, and in this case, stealth is irrelevant, you are the prey, and are already targeted and being stalked

The creature that is stalking you, can smell you. It already knows where you are, even without a light…

so Imo, if you want the best light to see a predator that is targeting you as the prey, use white, not red, not green… The goal of the white light is to help you see well, and also to blind the nighthunter

green is for when you are the predator, and are trying not to be detected as you stalk your prey… thats not the situation you are in

red and green are for hiding when you are on offense
white is for self defense, when you are the prey

I also suggest carrying bear spray.

In Central America it’s known as “el diablo cazador de hombres”.

If you see the grass “come alive” and take Dog, it’s time to run.

Better a dog then my lower extremeties lol. Actually I didn't mention that when using green light, I always have a second light on me that's white. Green for wildlife and white for color accuracy. I don't think I want only a green light with me when outside at night lol. Also use green so eyes get accustomed to the dark easier. Plus green is terrible for vegetation.

But these 2 videos I took is one of the reasons why I have green and white with me. Backup incase some critter comes around the corner or from the air. I also like exploring for stars and stuff during a clear night. I even heard a bat fly by me 5' away! It was quit fascinating how you hear some kind of wind turbulence and then whoosh.

Fence smasher

Mrs. Hoot

awww, cute little teddy bear… LOL
yikes! actually…

cool videos, beautiful country
stay safe

dont worry about skinwalkers, worry about the bears!
they seem to think your house has good food

Bears are not the problem, humans are

If I would be a bear, confined in a garden, I would try to escape as well. Absolutely inappropriate habitat.

Yeah, he didn’t know the diff between a beer-garden and bear-garden…

Bears are a problem on the Island the OP lives on.
They are in peoples yards, because they are attracted to the free buffet menu (garbage).

Here in Florida while fishing at night I have had bats eat mosquitos that were hovering only inches from my body . I have felt the breeze from their wings .
Thanks , Mr. Bat .