14500 vs AA

I am getting ready to order some new cells for my Solarforce Z2. I was looking at 14500 cells but it seems that the Duracell ion core AA has at least 300 more MaH than the 14500.
I am looking for the longest running battery I can find.
Am I seeing this right?

AAs are 1.5 Volt (or 1.2V) and 14500s are 3.7volt. To get the energy storage, you have to multiply the ampere hours times the volts (or more precisely integrate that over the discharge). But it all depends on how the driver handles the voltage. Some make the light much brighter with 14500s, and others may have nearly the same brightness but run longer. The longest run time is probably with non-rechargeable lithium 1.5 V AAs, but they are expensive, so they are best for a light you don’t use often.

Z2 is a 1.5v light according to sf’s specs.

Using a 3.7v liion 14500 would likely result in a smoked driver.