14500's in parallel in a minimag :)

I stumbled across the usb rechargeable Nitecore MT2A while reading one day, and discovered it uses a proprietary 1500mah 2Px14500 cell. I figured, why not try putting that in a minimag? Well, I found one on eBay, back in Oct, ordered it, and it JUST NOW arrived. (Long story short, it got lost, I filed claim, and it ended up arriving.) So, I decided to plop this guy in. No good. The plastic wrapping on it, makes it to wide to slide in the battery tube. So I just peeled it off. The wrapping was just a brand label basically, the cells are still shrunk together in another layer. All is good now, it fits PERFECT!!

XML2 T6 3C on copper, with a 4 mode Qlite, and a modded incan reflector. NOW with a ~1500mah cell! WOO!


A minimag with moonlight mode!! I love it :nerd_face:

How do you charge the batteries? Hobby charger?

Haha yeah moonlight mode is wonderful! And yeah, I use an iMax B6 charger.

How much current can it supply? Any idea on chemistry? Great find by the way.

Gotta love the Qlite-Revision version of the Nanjg 105c with the Moonlight mode. I modded that driver in so many of my lights.

Not really sure what max discharge current would be. It seems to be doing great with this Qlite though. Reading right around 2.8-2.9 on high. It does have integrated protection circuity, so I’m not super worried :). No idea on chemisty either. There is very little info on the web about this cell/s. I may try contacting Nitecore.

For anyone wondering, its a Nitecore NL1427. Here is the link where I purchased it: eBay

edeekeos can you measure the length and current width of this propriety battery. maybe in mm.

I want to compare it's length to (2) 14500s in series.

MH2A user manual PDF

Great find Edeekeos and awesome use of a qlite. I gotta say that's a prettier beam than a TIR could provide. PM inbound.

Excellent find! Thx for sharing it.

The cell measure 101.6mm and 13.5mm width (4’‘L x 17/32’’W.) Remember though, this is with the wrapper off. With it on, it was a hair thicker, maybe 14.5-15mm. Glad ya guys found this interesting! :bigsmile: