14mm Li-ion driver needed

I’m currently looking for a XP-L driver in a 14mm package, for a future mod. It will run off a single 18650, in a bit of a throwy light, so high-ish current would be good. No where near overdrive though, due to the heatsink situation is this host. It was 3xAAA, but an 18650 will fit, 26650 will not.

Any suggestions? I gave the good driver list the once-over and didnt find anything more than a few 900ma boost drivers. The occasional 14500 1000ma was usually in 15mm.

You could try the BLF-15mm at RMMs:


and sand it down a bit to get to 14mm?


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Too late… :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have any extra vertical space you can stack some extra 7135’s on that driver to get more current.

Resurrecting an old thread here, but is there anything new to consider in this size? I’ve got a project that looks like it’ll need a 14mm driver. I don’t mind buying a 15mm and trying to file it down, but if there’s been some advancement in the past year I’m interested. Thanks all.

ReyLight Pineapple driver?

Only newish thing is Harleyquin’s Attiny adaptation of the nanjg 102 15 mm boost driver. The Mtn 15dd has a wider ground ring than the 5 X 7135 board so more latitude for filing. Edit- I might be more inclined to just add a spacer disc to a 12mm driver.