15 mm. boost driver for 2xAAA or 1xCR123A

Does anyone know of such a driver available separately, or should I just go on junking SK-68s and #3 zoomies?
If not, which cheap zoomies have the brightest and best drivers?
So far, I have found that drivers, and whole pills, from #3 zoomies work well with 1, 2 and 3 cells.
Also, I tested some drivers in my junk box and found that my SK-68 drivers have more power but lower efficiency than SK-58 drivers.
I am working on 2 x AAA Romisen RC-A6s. 17 mm.drivers don’t fit in them. RC-A8s work well with 16340 cells, but can also be built for CR123A, with 15 or 17 mm. driver.
I don’t expect to find a 15 mm. buck driver for 2 x 10440.

Does the BLF SK68 driver do what you want?

I’m tempted by those curvy Romisens too.

Temporarily sold out on DX though…

wight has one in WIP state. Perhaps you could do some testing of that one? I mean, if you can build your own. It’s just an OshPark board. As for me, I’ll have to wait until someone else sells them built, because I can’t solder that small.

Can you help this?
I have tried them and they work fine :slight_smile:

Cool. I might have to give that a try as well!

For anyone feeling adventurous,this one from kaidomain has 15mm boost driver with attiny13a…
http://www.kaidomain.com/product/details.S009159 Unfortunately it is a clearance item and mine arrived with unfunctional driver.

I’ve been looking for 15mm boost drivers for a while now with no luck.

Anyone tried this driver from KD?


I’ve tried buying #3 zoomies for their driver but I’ve bought 4 and none of them reliably work on nimh! It’d be nice to find a reliable source for these small boost drivers.

That’s more than the driver with the light included.

Just got an order of these from kd. They are based on the PAM2803 boost ic that wight and Harleyquin have been working on getting designed into an Attiny oshpark design. Some of the cheap lights have more issues with loose connections and bad switches and manufactures don’t seem shy about shaving quality on board parts either. Your problems with nimh’s might be from either one.

I have built BLF SK68s for Li ion lights, but they don’t have boost, so they won’t work with one alkaline or NiMH cell and aren’t bright with two.

Thanks. I am looking and may be able to build them.

It’s limited to ~1A output by the boost ic but it does open things up for Attiny control.

I have one from Ebay that was sold with the same picture, but it looks identical to the one from KD.

My example has low input current with one cell, and it has next mode memory!