$15 or $25 @ ebay with Netflix Trial

Banner says $15, many people reporting $25. Not sure what's causing the difference -- I only got $15 -- but I saw that two $25 posters did things that I didn't:

  • Access the deal via this link: http://ebaybucks.ebay.com (turn your adblocker off if it doesn't show up)
  • Sign up for Netflix via Paypal

There's a disclaimer somewhere saying that Neflix can revoke the offer if you cancel within three days. Also, it's saying that I can't spend the $15 for another 19 days, but whatever... it's a 30 day free trial and I'm well-acquainted with the time value of money.

Uhh what else... oh yes, Netflix is new accounts only, but if you have gmail just put a period somewhere in your user name and it'll still go to your regular account. So louishuang@gmail.com is the same as louis.huang@gmail.com or lou.......ishuang@gmail.com (you can put an unlimited # of periods and Netflix recognizes them as all different). For those in the stone age without gmail, well, now's your chance

Alright, more info here in case you get lost: http://slickdeals.net/f/4068282-eBay-Bucks-Earn-25-when-you-sign-up-for-a-1-month-free-trial-Netflix?s=94c09bb3aef75c81f91255a8fa7eaa29&&page=2

EDIT - this link will get you there for sure: http://ad.doubleclick.net/adi/ebay.ebayus.myebay/bucks;sz=300x250;tile=5;g=2;ord=1331845072403?

Huh ..$25 bucks at ebay for netflix free trial.. i so should have signed up for netflix long ago. good reason to start i guess .. newsgroups has made me lazy i guess. Not sure if i understand the adding of periods to you email .. figged it would be on to each paypal or credit card.

do these E-Bay Bucks appear in your E-Bay account immediately? Thanks.

updated: got em already $15

Worked for me! $15 into my ebay account instantly. Thanks bud!