$150 light done my way (No, not a mod)

What size/shape are you looking for?

External or internal charging?

If you can give more details we can give better advice

You know this light is designed by BLF?
The original Q8 is a high quality light, because all SRK ripoffs were cheap flimsy ones, so to say ‘higher end’ undermines all BLF members who helped designing it, it set a very high standard to the flashlight industry.

It’s not an Astrolux product, which has a questionable quality.

You can buy another BLF Q8 :smiley: It’s nice to own two of them so you can abuse the other and keep the other in a good condition.

Q8 is definitely a high quality flashlight.

That Niwalker has a $50 coupon as well on amazon. Had my eyes on that light for a very long time, but holding back on purchases at the moment.

Sofirn SP70 seems really nice too:

No offense intended on the BLF.

The B of BLF stands for Budget, and the Q8 is definitely a Budget light, but a pretty good one at that.
Higher End usually means more expensive, but not necessarily better functioning or brighter.

What will this light be used for?

I’m a big fan of the TN40. I think I paid 125 new with a coupon when i got mine a while back.


Medium size, charging doesn’t matter

I have a few Sofirns and I love them. Leaning toward the SP70, money left for beer! :slight_smile:

Charles review

The SP70 has a good output and has a balanced throw vs flood, definitely a good choice.
Still waiting for the BLF version though, it might never happen…

I’m pretty impressed with the beam shots.

SP70 Review