$150 light done my way (No, not a mod)

I’m looking for 4000 lumens minimum, throw-flood combo, bright and well defined hot spot with very usable bright spill. I’ll spend $150 max. What’s your fav light in that price range that you own that might fit the bill? I’m seriously looking for real suggestions. Thanks for your responses

BLF Q8 ? Lot cheaper than $150 and fits your description.

Got one coming. Couldn’t resist for $39 sale. I’m looking for a bit more of a higher end light

astrolux mf01/s maybe ?

There’s a Group Buy that brings down the price of the Haikelite HT70 to $129.99. The specs are going to be exaggerated, buy it still has a great combination of throw and flood, with plenty of lumens.

To get a feeling for what to advice: what is your definition of “higher end” ? Or in other words: what should the light what you are looking for do what the Q8 does not?

BLF Q8 definitely is a higher end light

Convoy L6 XHP70.2 does this, too.


A bit suspicious that three of the positive reviews are for a bag, and not a flashlight. And one of the three possibly genuine reviews (the description just says ‘black flashlight’, so we can’t be sure) is pretty devastating …


When you look at the Q&A, you’ll also see that there are a number of questions like ‘How do I put it on?’ or ‘Could I fit my wallet in one of these?’ :person_facepalming:

But I must admit, it is difficult to argue lumens :smiley:

Curse you, now I have to buy one. I don’t have a Floom beam yet:

Another Hmmm…


Convoy L6 or something like a Fenix TK75. Great “all purpose” lights that combine flood and throw. You could also put the Thrunite TN40 is there but I prefer the Fenix due to its ergonomics.

Emisar D18

SBT90.2 FT03 ?

Even an XHP50 FT03 is going to be great.

I need a good rugged build, might have some unintentional abuse