16340 compact triple build...

I put this together out of spare parts last night as a “just because” project:

The optic/PCB were too large to fit the host. I used a dremel with a sanding drum to shave the board and optic down into a close fit. It’s not perfect, but it works very well. This host is so compact, a spacer isn’t needed. The pill for this light has a lip to help center a 16mm PCB. I sanded the contacts and substrate off a spare aluminum PCB, then fastened that to the pill to fill that gap, then pressed the PCB with Fujik against the board. That does add a barrier to proper heat transfer; if I did this seriously, and was using a better cell than my 3-year-old TrustFire, I’d likely sand the lip off the pill for a better thermal path. Try again with an Efest and some XP-L HIs… 8)

I’m impressed with this light; I was expecting a messy beam due to the dremel-abused optic, but it does surprisingly well. I don’t know if it’s any better than the XM-L U2 I had in this light originally, but it was a fun mod.

That is a pretty cool project, looks nice! Any chance we get to see a (probably very interesting) beamshot? I only had single emitter mods in my life so this is new territory for me.

Cool! The kind of mod that I like most :-)

Cool mod! Any measures of any kind?
Does anyone have any guess if you gain anything by using triple xp-e instead of an xm-l when using a 16340 battery?

You win some, you loose some: xpe2 has a higher voltage and lower efficiency than an xml2, but there's 3 of them. As the OP suggested, I'm also not sure which one has the higher output.

The huge merit of this mod is that is has not been done before :bigsmile:

Djozz called it! :bigsmile:

I don’t have any measurements, and a beamshot wouldn’t be very interesting. It’s actually a fairly clean beam, moderately defined hotspot, with a fair amount of spill. Interestingly, I have one of the “Super Light” single AA twistie lights, modded to use the factory SMO reflector with a XP-L and the same 2-mode DD high driver. I would estimate that the lumen output is about the same, but the XP-E2 triple has a slightly more defined hotspot, making it a bit throwier than the Super Light with its larger smooth reflector.

And now for some sad news: I attempted to mod my old RC-G2 with my last spare XP-L. After assembling the light, the combo worked well, but only briefly. After using the light for a short time, I noticed a sudden shift to a warmer tint. I took the light back apart and found that the PCB had separated from the pill. The dome fell off the emitter cleanly. Now I have a perfectly dedomed and fully functional XP-L. There was never a shift to blue before the dedome occurred. I’m guessing these emitters are pretty rugged.

That is not sad at all, the good old RC-G2 is perfect for a dedomed XP-L :-)