16340 help for a sportec triple nichia drop in.

hi there,

I am looking for some rechargeable 16340 Cells for a Surefire 6P which will be using the new SPORTAC TRIPLE NICHIA P60 drop in module. i have a XTAR VP1 to charge them.

not sure which ones to go for, and which are best. I was told the tailcap can handle 5A!.
i did see some keeppower 16340’s on Illumination Supply, and some AW branded 16340’s at flashaholics website.
new to 16340’s.

if there is anywhere else to get some, or better, let me know.

im in London.

thank you.

efest 16340 are good as well.

looking for somewhere to get some good ones, avoiding the US if I can with the postal customs crazy charge stuff.

thanks again…

You’ll need IMR’s. AW or Efest are really your only options.

from europe : http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-Accu-16340-Imr-3-7V-Rechargeable-Efest-700Mah-Li-Mn-Pile-Cr123a-Accus-V2-/360531794048?pt=FR_Image_son_Autres&hash=item53f15e9880
but expensive.

The above post reminded me of a thread in the last few days from the EU, I went looking and voila. The thread was on a different size but their links reveal…

Cant tell you how much postage is as I cant find it, maybe i mentioned the war or something. It might also be because I cant read German.

Thanks …so I can’t use say a keeppower icr 16340 ?
The reason I’m asking is that I ordered a hds 170 light and got a few keeppower icr 16340’s and was told these are good enough, but then wouldn’t some aw imr’s be better as they are good for this p60 triple drop in?.
What differences are there to use icr and imr here?.


You can use KEEPPOWER, but the output will be far weaker than IMR.

It’s like using an AA vs 14500 Liion in an SK68.

Thanks….so I might as well cancel those keeppowers if that’s pretty much the case hey.

I’m just wondering why imr 16340’s for this sportac triple and not these icr keeppowers?….a bad choice by me?.

The Sportac has high current draw, at the edge of what the ICR’s will be able to handle. IMR’s can handle higher discharge. It’s also safer to use in series.

Thanks……so regarding the hds light and those icr keeppowers, should I keep them or switch over to imr’s ?.
Hds has high current draw too?.


The ICR’s should be fine for the HDS.

On a side note, you know that the Sportac on 2x16340 is going to have about 20 mins of runtime right?

Thanks but someone did mention it would be way less output compared to imr.

Yes and 20 mins with that triple will be ok…I guess.
I didn’t go 18650 with this triple sportac as was told it had a high VF so 2 x 16340 would be better to handle…

Thanks. …

True only when the current draw is over 2C (2x the battery capacity), which in this case would be about 1.1A. When the current draw is less than that, ICR and IMR perform about the same.

I’m pretty sure that the HDS draws less than an amp.

Thanks so I don’t need to cancel those icr 16340’s for my hds ?.
Just concerned imr could be more better with the output maybe .


bumpy,…thanks. Illumination Supply advised they are good enough.
so shall I just hang on to them or cancel, and go the IMR route?. thats all.

thanks again…

Your question was already answered in post #11 and #13.