16mm Noctigons for MT-G2

Hanks got them. 16mm Noctigons for MT-G2. Mounted and unmounted.


What’s a good host for these? I figure it’s going to be in a 30second hand-burner application.

Cool! So what is the obvious mod to use this board/led with?

We need DBC to answer this.

Mini-Mag mule, direct drive with two 14500 INRs.

They should also make them bigger, not smaller.

I want one for my Ultrafire M51, which has a 32mm board.
I have a maxtoch mcpcb from banggood, but its 26mm and thinner than the original mcpcb.
The original one isn`t DTP...therefore want something bigger.

...and today MT-G2 on new 25mm Noctigon, with 4 XQ-E pads, a wild board!

Where do you get the XQ-E emitters and the driver(s) that can run a MT-G2 and those XQ-E? Oh wait, Mouser has red, blue and green emitters. I didn't see amber, red-orange or royal blue. Then you'll probably need a light with two buttons and enough space for two floating drivers.

Cutter has several XQ-E emitters, colors, warm whites, etc.

There are a couple of modders here making multiple color lights with one switch and one driver.

Not like this.

6V MT-G2, 3V XQ-E. Sure, you could get a driver that works in 6V, but is there a color 6V driver, and are you willing to run half the colors by running two of them in series to get down to 3V?

4 XQ-E in 2S2P configuration if you want all the same color, just an idea. (like 850 lumens of green light)

Luxeon UV should fit the XQ-E pads, I think it should since they are almost identical, 4 of them blasting UV light.

wow, 4x Luxeon UV, that will be a pricy flashlight

I guess any led with two pads will fit, indeed LuxeonZ, but Nichia 119 should work too.

XQ-E is 1.6 x 1.6mm and the Luxeon UV is a 1.7 x 1.3mm (but almost the same size pads so will match)

Nichia 119 is 3.5 x 3.5mm, huge LED compared to the XQ-E.

Any idea for update on mt-g2 bin?

I have reflowed oslon leds on XP-boards while oslon leds have a smaller footprint, it is all not that critical. With this simple double-pad footprint I'm sure you can get the 119 succesfully reflowed, even though the pads on the emitters are way bigger.

Wouldn’t be hard to pick up GND for the color channels from between the cells, especially in a sidexside host like say a ZY-T08. Or use an SRK style light with 2p2s 18350 and 2p1s 18650.

I guess the race is on between tterev3 and I now.

Edit: in fact it’d eliminate the need to voltage protect (Zener mod) the MCU since it could run off the low voltage side. That’s it, I’m doing this. Who wants to bankroll?

Overlapped the pads, no doubt you can do it as you said, but I am not sure how useful is to fit 4.1 times bigger LED there. Took the size info from the datasheets. Luxeon Z is the same size and pads as Luxeon UV, turns out they will fit just fine on the same pads and be discreet as XQ-E are.

anyone used the 25mm board with 4 XQ-Es ?