17mm 1 or 2 cell high amp driver for single 3v emitter

It has to work with 1 cell and 2 cells in series.
Capable of doing around 4A. (~ min 3A, max 5A)
Preferably 3 or 4 modes with no blinky’s or mode groups, so something like: moon, low, mid, high.
And all that in a 17mm size. :bigsmile:

I have looked around but only found drivers with less current and or with different mode groups.
I’ve never resistor mod a driver before but if it’s needed it could try it.

So does anyone know of a good driver that meet my requirements? (if such driver even exist… :open_mouth: )
I know that buck drivers need a voltage overhead to work, so it’s pretty hard to make a buck driver that takes a single Li-Ion cell. But I know they exist, for example the LD-4B ,though it says in the description: “Output Current: 2.4A Constant Current (with sufficient voltage overhead)”. Which implies that the current will drop when the voltage will be too low for the buck driver to work correct (falling out of regulation). But will the driver switch to DD or a linear drive path?

It doesn’t exist.

You will either need to compromise on the amperage, or compromise on the 1-cell ability.

The MTN-MAX from Richard is the closest thing I know of.

^ this, unfortunately.

Overhead is the problem in 1cell configuration. I fiddled with the LD-2C for quite some time, but it simply couldn’t deliver with only 1 cell. Since then I abandoned the idea of a 1cell-and-2cell light and use linear/FET/DD for 1cell and buck for 2cell.
Of course, using an unprotected cell with a lower internal resistance than I did back then should give at least better results. But a buck driver is by design weaker than a linear one if used with one cell.

Hmm was afraid of that.
Might go with 2 cell and MTN-MAX driver, its one of the best buck drivers.
Does anyone has any experience with the MTN-MAX driver with a forward clicky switch?

MTN-MAX operation should be unaffected by switch type unless it is flashed with programmable firmware, then programming them on the fly would be hard/impossible.