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I have to tell you all that this has been a real pleasure reading through a lot of your posts and subsequently experimenting for myself on a couple projects. I am an electrician with most of the toys ie. Fluke 87, Weller wes51 and moderate skill sets to go along with both. I have been in the trade for more years that I'd like to admit and worked on more things than I can remember. Since I've stumbled upon this whole flashlight thing I've become addicted like a crackhead with two pipes! And as I'm sure some of you guys can relate my wife thinks I'm completely nuts. Anyway up to this point I have build a jayrob maglite running on (2) 32600 li-ions and most recently have been playing around with Solarforce L2's after reading some of Foy's reviews (excellent reading by the way). Now I am in the process of putting together Match's 15min. mini-mag. I have the host, (2) 14500 li-ion and am about to order the pill and driver. Oh yeah I also already have a xml-t6 1d on a 16mm base. What I would like to do is drive this thing at 2.8a @ 8.4v and preferably have 3 modes. However as I'm sure most would agree finding that driver in a 17mm version that will fit in the base of a p60 pill is near impossible. If anyone has any references or alternatives to what I have in mind I would sure be interested in hearing from you. Sorry about rambling on like this but I just get so damn excited I can't help it. I didn't post this at match's original thread as I have this in mind for a couple of things and it seemed like descent fodder for a new thread. Sorry Admin.

Welcome gml9858!

Welcome gml8959! Like you, I looked for a long time to find a 17mm driver that could take 8.4v and put out 3a. I came up empty. When I built my second mini-match, it was either make my own driver or make my own pill. Turned out to be a heck of a lot easier to make a pill to take a 19mm driver.

Good luck on the mini-mag mod. When you're done, be sure to posts some picks here for us

Welcome to the madness gml9858, my girlfriend thinks I am nuts to but who cares.

I have this KD drop-in in my mini mag with two 14500 and it blazes.


Check out Shiningbeam for drivers he is in NY also and ships to your door in a couple days no waiting weeks or months.

Sorry admin usually isn't necessary here it's not CPF the admin is really cool and pretty much lets the patients run the asylum.

Aloha and welcome to BLF gml9858!

Welcome to BLF, gml9858! When you find that driver please let me know. I am looking for the same one for my minimag conversion. If all else fails I'll either make my own pill that takes what I can get or I'll just shorten the body so the minimag runs on one 14500 instead of two. Would be a whole lot more pocketable that way now that I think about it. Good luck and let us see your results!


Match, which one 19mm you are talking about? Please post the link and some comments about quality/usability.

Welcome to BLF gml9858!


I driver I used is this one. KD has a similar driver I believe, but shipping in the US is much faster from e-lectronics.net

This is the same driver I used in the Mini-Match v2.0 from this thread post #28.