18,000th Post Giveaway! Winner! David EF! Congratulations!

I am in. Thanks for answering all my questions i PM you.

I’m in for a shot at one of your favorite hosts of all time. (the X6 of course)

I'm in

To win a light

Prob'ly won't

But yet I might.


I am in, Eagle eye if I win please.

I used this one before, but here is it is again

BTW, you write alot!! congrats.

I’m in!

I'm in!

Congrats on 18,000 posts, DB Custom!

(And I thought I posted a lot!)

cool sbslider! :wink:

I don’t consider it writing, or typing, as I think it all while my fingers transfer the thoughts to the screen. :slight_smile: I used to be pretty good at typing, could fly along at the speed of thought, but these days my brain and fingers seem to have lost some contact and I tend to scramble words and have to go back and fix stuff all the time. lol (well, maybe not funny but it is what it is.)

I do the same thing building lights, after all these builds for the past 4 years or so, I still do the stupidest things! The other day I was putting one of the odd little Osram Black Flat’s on a board, took care to use the solder paste mask to have the right amount of paste, had the board clamped in hemostats and the stats held in my table top vice. Checked it when I was done and the test leads sparked, short circuit! So I heated it up and removed it, made sure I had it on right, put it back on, tested it, short! Heated it up again and made sure it was centered just so, let it cool a bit and tested it, still sparks! UGH! Then I happened to glance at my hemostats… clamped on the positive pad of the board and the Black Flat has negative and thermal pad connected. UuuugggGH! I may learn something new every day, but I forget several old things an hour…. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Hey wait a minute! Does this mean the new things I learn every day are only new as of an hour ago? :person_facepalming:

I am in!
Congrats on 18k!

I’m in.

I count that as 8.676 posts for every single day you’ve been a member here. That is pretty good going.


I’m in! Congrats!

Im in!

Around the world, from hill to Dale
18000 posts, all hail!

I can relate. :blush:

I’m in! thanks for the opportunity!

Hail to the King!!!

ehm…I’m in………………the Eagle Eye X6………sbavvvvvv :smiling_imp:

ryukin, that poor little guy needs an LED upgrade, poor fella, stuck with an incan forever… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in!

Artificial Flavours & colors :confounded:

Congrats and thanks for the GAW. I am in.

I’m in! Congrats on this milestone, keep up posting for the next 18.000 lumens posts :+1:

I’m in. 18k’s a lotta posting. All quality.

Every rose has its thorn,
Just like every night has its dawn

Im in!