18,000th Post Giveaway! Winner! David EF! Congratulations!

WE HAVE A WINNER! Entrant number 34, post number 43… DAVID EF! You Win! Congratulations! Give me a shout and let me know which light tickles your fancy!

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EDIT: DEADLINE MET, 156 official Entries. I WIll Be Back… :wink:

I am not sure how it happened, but I have passed the 18,000 mark in posts! So I guess that means a giveaway is in order! But what? I little zoomie? Naaaa, that wouldn’t be any good! Gotta be something with some Ooomph! I mean, right? So, I have recently built two lights that are pretty impressive in output, two pretty different lights but not so much difference in some ways. The winner will get to select which one of these 2 lights he/she prefers… One only though! I won’t be able to ship the cells with the light as in the case of the Q8 that would add weight and shipping complexity beyond my interest. I’ll tell you though, the Samsung 25S or Sony VTC5A (or D) will make either of these perform at their best. Neither of these will be likely to work well with a protected cell.

1. To qualify, you must be a flashaholic and have red blood. :stuck_out_tongue: Be witty if you want, write a poem if it behooves you or post an inspiring or amazing pic, whatever suits your fancy, but start it off with an “I’m In!” so I can see your post easier. :wink:
2. I will keep this open until October 8th, 2018, at 12:00 Noon Central Standard Time.
3. I will keep track of the number of “I’m In!” posts and draw with Random.org according to that number. Winner will be notified by PM here and have 3 days to claim their prize. After 3 days, if the winner does not step forward, I will re-draw and start over.

The two lights…

First is an Eagle Eye X6, my favorite host to build on. I bought the quad MCPCB and Angie optic from Hank at Intl-Outdoor and built up the light with Bistro using 4 Samsung LH351D W6 emitters in 5000K tint. Aside from having no fancy blue back lights this is essentially a poor man’s D4S. But with the right cell installed it really rocks at some ~7300 lumens [was thinking of my D4S with a different emitter, well, same emitter in a higher power bin. Sorry. ] (I’ll get the pertinents and come back with that data) I did make a Tellurium/Copper heat sink for this one, it’s noticeably heavy in the head area, quite robust! And there is a very good AR coated lens over the Ledil Angie optic. The switch is bypassed to enable the light to pull the current it needs to supply the 4 Samsungs. The driver spring too is bypassed. Bistro has the fix so the current doesn’t cause issue. This is using the variation of Bistro that utilizes the table, so it has a lot of options on how to set it up.

Edit: I remembered correctly on the use of Samsung LED’s, but forgot which ones… this X6 is using 4 of the 80 CRI 5000K with a U6 power bin. As such, it makes the following numbers on Bistro…

1. 00.01A for 0.7245 lumens
2. 00.03A for 9.591 lumens
3. 00.13A for 57.27 lumens
4. 00.44A for 221.49 lumens
5. 02.04A for 976.35 lumens
6. 06.60A for 2539.2 lumens
7. 16.11A for 5237.1 lumens, at 30 seconds 4805.85 lumens

The last shot shows 278.6 grams with a Sony VTC5A installed.

Edit: Build pics of the Quad X6…

For those new to it, here’s the schematic on the UI of Bistro…

Second is the Sofirn Q8 that just arrived yesterday. It was making decent output at 5775 when I got it, but it’s now making 9453 lumens with 2 XP-L2 at 5000K and 2 XP-L2 at 5700K. With Anduril on the driver and an Infineon MOSFET, using 4 Samsung 25S cells it pulls 33.8A at the emitters. This light has Blue’s large copper alloy springs, with 20 ga bypasses. I didn’t build this to give away, had sold my original BLF Q8 and wanted to replace it, but hey, I talk too much so somebody gets a shot at this awesome little soup can light. :slight_smile: I have ordered a replacement high quality lens from flashlightlens.com with an outstanding AR coating, if this makes it here before time to ship it will be included in the light. :wink:

EDIT: I got the UCLp lens in today from Chris at flashlightlens.com. Straight swap with no issues using the 54.87mm x 2.9mm thick version of the Acrylic UCLp… and it now makes 9936 lumens out the front on the Samsung 25S cells! :smiley:

A look into the Sofirn Q8 with the use of an UV light…

I can probably slice and dice the emitters in this Q8 to get a tighter beam profile and mostly eliminate the odd hue in the aura. Might cost some lumens, probably would, still it would most likely be worth it.

This should be the appropriate schematic for the UI of Anduril that is on this Q8…

Keep it decent, enjoy!

A little comparison video, showing the X6 and Q8 as they compare to the 21700 Sofirn C8 and Emisar D4S, as well as the highly modified Noctigon Meteor M43. Enjoy! :smiley:


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I’m In!
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Nichia UV emitter, right?

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Just got a different light with a gorgeous optic worthy of enlargement.

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