18 x XM-L Flashlight is in the town!! Someone has just up the game!!

ok you guys, found the ultimate deal on this light!
whos gonna do the review??


The Chinese should go back to E.E. classes and design some new drivers. Let’s not mess around and start at a measly 10 amps, and go from there. I want to see 18 gauge wire glow like an incandescent.

They’re Chinese lumens, so half of 12 is 6 = 6,000! It’d beat the X60, but with next-mode memory and the 18-inches of girth, you’d have to be at least 1/2 insane to invest in it.

correct me if i’m wrong. these are the specs,


doing simple maths,

2800mA, max 5 Batteries,

total Power consumption = 2.8A * (5*3.7V)
= 51.8W
Per LED is taking about 51.8W/18
= 2.87W

translate back to per battery is around 0.77A at 3.7V per LED consumption

Underdriven compared to a C8 with 2.8A per LED driver… haha

You will be lucky to get 70 lumens/watt OTF, so maybe 3600 lumens total…

Luckily Match posted quite an intensive data on this XML T6 LED.
assuming my calculations are correct with 0.77A at 3.7V, his test results are around 303.5 lumens for that current and voltage input.

Test on LEDs

I don't think you're accounting for losses in the reflector and lens.

yeap… i didnt do that… just assuming for ideal case? :bigsmile:

This light is allmost a killer, two driver host. Sadly, it lacks cooling fins and mass where it counts the most. :frowning:

Two 9x led beast drivers in and off you go. Would gobble up those 5 cells in a heartbeat.

Using efficient drivers (Senser Xtremes) and assuming 5Ah cells, you would have close to half an hour runtime on 3A.
More than enaugh time to melt that pathetic flashlight head!

9x driver may not have enough voltage to run 9 XML2s - see here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/23851

Yeah, I read that earlier. I was talking about the stock version… Correct me if Im wrong but the stock has XM-L T6 in it. Beast driver seems to work flawlessly in my 9xT6 torch. It really slurps up those 3 King Kongs but man it’s a lumenmonster!

Anyone buy this yet?

We ain’t that stoopid…

i agree. the number of lights they make with the 5-mode driver, next mode memory, and rediculous Lumen claims is getting over-done boring. ( Low,med,hi,strobe,SOS)

this light really needs a Deep cycle RV battery in place of the tube with atleast 1000 CCA, and a 4 amp driver for each emitter.

Did you see the tint rating? 8000-8500K.

That’s just ONE reason why I won’t be buying one :open_mouth:

No way this thing can run to it's full potential without almost immediately smoking the emitters...where is all the heat going to go? Unless they water cool the dang thing. Absolute insanity...cool...but still...daggum

12000 lumens, eh? I have NO interest in ANY light that won’t run at full power for more than a few minutes or seconds without throttling back to a lower setting or self destructing. None whatsoever.