18350 convoy s2+

just got a few batteries for a convoy s2+ 18350s

im pretty happy about it. tiny little pocket rocket

ive got a few convoy s2+ ,but this is the first time ive used 18350s

happy days

Same, I love my little guy.

where did you get that lens from buddy

id like something like that in mine

Super easy drop in replacement and makes it really floody.

Its a 60 degree TIR: 60 Degree TIR Lens - 21.2mm x 13mm

Also a 45 degree TIR available: 45 Degree TIR Lens - 21.2mm x 13mm

I say buy both and figure out which one you like.

The set of 5 different can be purchased from the Convoy Store on AE or any of the 5.