18350 question

I’m looking for a couple of decent 18350 cells to go with a Nitecore MT-10C light. I don’t really know where to begin - any suggestions? Is there a clear leader, or would something like the KeepPower 900mah cells work?

The AW's are nice. (The red AW's are IMR) Any brand 18350, except the XXXFIRE brands, should be acceptable.

ETA: You will benefit in Amp Draw from IMR type Cells. Efest has an IMR type 18350 https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/14164


The Efest purples are really nice.

You can find them at Mountain Electronics

The AW 700mAh version is my #1 recommendation, and what I bought for my Armytek Prime C1 Pro. If you can’t get that, then get the AW800mAh, but testing shows it to be slightly inferior to the 700mAh version in V and capacity.
Rtdvapor.com has the genuine AW 700mAh for under $7 each.

According to HKJ’s tests, at a load of 2A or lower, the Windyfire 700mAh and the AWT 800mAh are close in performance to the AW-700.

The Efest 18350 batteries are unimpressive in capacity.

Make sure you light has a low voltage warning before you use unprotected IMR cells………!
Otherwise you run a substantial risc to overdrain your cells.

And yes, both AW IMR (red) and Efest (purple) are good cells, that will easily do up to 5A!


Any that RMM aka Moutian Electronics has! are fine.

Factory lights as opposed to Vaping will not run into big Amperage needs.

He's in the uk

There aren’t that many good 18350 anyhow, and with PCB is even harder to find.
I did notice however, that Nitecore is selling a protected 18350 under their own brand name so…….order two of them together with the light perhaps?