18350 Recommendations

So after reading some reviews of a few different 18350 cells, I decided on the Windyfire button tops from their website. I was in communication with someone over there, paid for it, and got shipped a few weeks ago. I went to check the tracking number today to see where on the planet they might be by now, and here it says the package has been detained due to non-shippable items. I have contacted Windyfire to see if anything can be done. However, that is not the point of this thread- I would simply like some info from you 18350 users on batteries you use and where to get them. I am in Canada, so any can any fellow Canadians possibly help out here? It seems like the AW cells ranks as the best, but I’m not sure where to order them. Again, shipping to Canada can be a killer if the seller is in the US.

I would like to do a few 2 series builds in 18350 hosts with 6v leds, so balanced cells would be nice.

P.S. Does my experience indicate that we won’t be able to order lithium ion batteries from China anymore? I’ve also seen the notice in Simon’s store about shipping batteries, it looks like I’ve been affected the same way. Anyone have this happen?

I’m planning a very similar project and ordered some Efest 18350 IMR purples for that. I suppose you will run them at 3 Amperes or more, so you may expect very short runtimes but the Efests at least can provide 3Amps continuously.
Take a look at the link below, it’s a German vapor site which provides a battery comparator (usability is really poor, but the possibility to compare up to 6 cells is great for me and the database contains a lot of batteries. Mind the possibility to view different current curves - 1A, 3A and 5A)

Battery comparator

Sadly I can not help you with your availability problem.


See group buy:

Good news. Linda at Windyfire refunded my order plus $1 for the inconvenience it caused.

1dash1, I hadn’t come across that site yet. However, since it’s from the States, the cheapest shipping they have is around $25 USD…

Anyone use the Vappower 18350? They look decent, and the Vappower 26650 walks all over my King Kong.