18650 2-cell Thrower Recommendations

Have a Convoy C8 XP-L HI V2 1A and a L6 from Mountain Electronics. Want a low/mid-priced 2-cell 18650 light that will throw considerably farther than the C8. Been looking at Rich's Convoy L2 XP-L HI with the optional extension tube. I see also there's also a Convoy L4 available at Gearbest. For those familiar with these two lights, how do they differ and which is the better thrower? Any other lights/brands that fit the bill?

I don’t remember the L4, but the L2 is a pretty good 2S thrower. I have one. I don’t like lithiums in series, so mine’s shortened. And, it turns out, I don’t like forward clickies unless it’s a one-mode light. So, for the price, it’s well made and good throw, but not what I prefer.

Right now, the best bang/buck in budget throwers is the Astrolux FT03

It’s a single cell, but if you like Narsil’s ramping UI, it’s a nearly perfect torch. As a light, I strongly prefer it to the L2. As a noggin knocker, the long L2 wins.

Been thinking about your comment on not liking Li-ion cells in series and after doing some reading, I pretty much agree with you. I also don't care much for the form-factor of multi-cell stubby powerhouse lights.

That Astrolux FT03 you linked to has lots of positive reviews. I saw that Nitecore has come out with a updated P30 which I have included a link to below. It isn't quite as powerful a thrower as the Astrolux but includes a 5000mAh 21700 cell and a 18650/CR123A adapter so price-wise the two are comparable. The Nitecore is IP68 - 2m submersible rated where the Astrolux is IPX7 rated.

I don’t own any Nitecores, but my impression is that they’re generally a higher quality light than Astrolux. I think some people actually get customer support from them. Astrolux, probably not.

The manufacturers’ claims for throw are unreliable enough that it’s hard to say which one will actually be better, or if you can tell any difference.

Look around for discount codes before you order either one.

Nothing even comes close in throw to the Speras T1 for 2x18650
Put 2x NCR18650GA in tbere amd this thing runs forever

So you don’t need it to be the 2 cells-long form factor? You just want a bit more battery capacity? And of course more throw.

If you want a good boost in throw over your C8 you should get something with at least 3x the beam intensity. I think that C8 has maybe 70kcd? So I think you would want something above 200kcd. The nitecore P30 is only 100ish kcd so not much of a boost. The FT03 is a good option. Also look at the noctigon K1.

I received my Speras T1 and I just started with a review. Let's see how well it throws! I also ordered the Noctigon K1 to compare it with.

The T1 will be no match for the Noctigon K1 for sure. Although it is not out yet, but knowing the high quality and optimization of Hank Wang products in the past, the K1 will be the ultimate midsize thrower.

I still like the form factor of the K1 and the easy dual switch UI. Feels like a duty light and muggle friendly.

Wellp, the L2 is practically a laser anyway, so being that it could take 2×26650, you can either use it as-is, or go for hi-cap 21700s to make it a bit lighter without sacrificing too much capacity.

For a moose of a light like that, I’d prefer a thicker tube anyway, for better grip. A twin-18650 light would be like carrying a drumstick.

Nice light, It does step down significantly though

I have a Convoy C8+ with biscotti, then to step up to the next size bigger I went to the Astrolux Ft03, It is a big step up in throw, it is a good spotlight. The UI is good, and build quality is good. The battery is a 26650 so it does have more power. Lots good info on the forum, and youtube reviews for the FT03. It is a good value for the $$$.

I’d second (or third or forth or fifth, whatever were up to now) the FT03 but if you’re really stuck in the 2x18650 form factor the version 1 wowtac A4 is a freaking great option!