18650 Battery & Charger Recommendations Now on Dealbeast or Amazon

new to all of this, now of course i need batteries. anyone have some recommendations on good deals right now? also…

does the mAh matter? the more the longer lasting?
do volts matter?
do i need them to be protected?

i plan on using for all future lights, so i guess the more storage and versatility the better.

much appreciated!


“You don’t know how to use a tool until you know six ways to break it.”
— J. Baldwin, of the Whole Earth Catalog

For li-ion batteries, it’s “six ways to poison your family and burn down your house”

Avoid those, and you’re set to go into the finer details.

haha, ok, no generic and must be protected. i’m not saying i don’t like explosions, but it sounds like these are unpredictable and would not be cool if wearing a headlamp.

SO, any actual product recommendations? looking for 3000 mAh or more. Thank you!

You need to decide on a light, then pick batteries to suit. Theres 26650, 18650, 16340, 14500 and a heap more.

18650, 18 is diameter, 65 is length, 0 is round. Not that these are always accurate anyway. Protection makes them longer, and usually a tad wider due to extra wrapper to hold the protection circuit. 18650 is most common size, most manufactured, so most variation in whats available, and most R&Ded so these are the pick if you want high amps or dense storage for size. Not that the 26650 size is a slouch, for one its extra capacity means it holds proper voltage longer. Pound for pound, nothing beats 18650 though.

Charger is easier, very good chargers ares the XTAR VP or VC series (VC does nimh too, VP does not). Nitecore D2 or D4, Opus BT-C3100 or if you want to spend more, then theres better options but you need to know your budget.

BT-C is an analysing charger, cheap given its capabilities and good in the real world for what it is. I like the XTAR or the Nitecore myself, they do less, but do charge really well and are cheaper too.

Nice thing about the newer chargers is they now do both nimh and lithium ion .... so it saves you from having to buy two different chargers . if you factor that in you actually save enough to be able to buy the more expensive chargers . It just keeps getting better and better

Good advice to pick the light and then match the type of batteries you need to that ..it bassiclly means depending on what type light you buy our advise may be different as to whats best to use with it .

so didn’t put much effort in, but the best recommendation was go with a well know manufacturer and buy a popular line.​ Panasonic NCR18650PF, i should have gone with those.

2 Samsung INR18650-25R 18650 2500mAh 3.6v Rechargeable Flat Top Batteries
​went with something proven, although i probably should have bought the 3000 mAh panasonics. note, not protected.

NiteCore -i4-V2014 NEW 2014
​ordered 2​

Update… sounds like the Samsung are designed more for vaping. I returned and have ordered these, they look sweet!

[6 PC] NCR18650B 3.7V 3400mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries for Panasonic by Panasonic