18650 battery identification

I got an 18650 battery pack dated 2015 from a recycling bin.

The batteries are almost petrol coloured and are marked as Japan Tdh 4500mah.

I searched Google to try and identify the battery manufacturer but was unsuccessful. My presumption is that they are Panasonic.
The pack contains 24 batteries and are marked as 9.6V 13.5 Ah

Does anyone have any ideas?

If you have a date code, then maybe here

Hmm, it may actually be SANYO-FDK INDUSTRIAL HR4/3FAU Z-TAG

Very likely, 13.5Ah/4.5Ah = 3 in parallel, as you have 24 batteries that’s 8 in series. 9.6V / 8 = 1.2V .

It’s in a 18650 size format and very high capacity which threw me

18650 size NiMh (1.2v) battery… that’s a rarely-seen size of NiMh…

upload a photo

It certainly is. I didn’t expect them at all

I have seen those before (not thise exact ones) but they do exist. I haven’t seen one in a few years since then though.