18650 battery question?

Are these for real? 5200 mah? Sounds a little to high me. SAMSUNG ICR18650 26F RECHARGEABLE BATTERY 5200mA DISCHARG 3.7V

No… 26F are 2600mAh cells… you saw this on eBay didn’t you…

You got a URL? I could only find 2600 mAh ones.

Yeah, I was looking around and saw those and though, Are you kidding. I have been buying from one guy for years, genuinecells and have never had problems with his batteries. High capacity and 3 day shipping. I like to always look for the bbd, lol.

He was advertising the total capacity of both the 2600 mah batteries. Made me look, lol. Dirty advertising tricks.

Not dirty tricks, 5200mah is the Discharge rate also known as 2c or 30min to fully discharge.