18650 Bulk Buys

Hey guys and gals

After doing quite abit of research and skimming through the forums I`ve seen countless articles about knock off batteries come from the Asian sites.

Has anyone attempted a group buy directly from a manufacturer or a wholesaler of legit cells. If we could even get a small price break and the reassurance that we are getting legit cells would be worth it in my opinion.

OR…is this even worth the effort since Samsung 30Q`s can be sourced for under $5 from US sites.

Thoughts ?


I don’t think it is worth the trouble because of import issues. In the case of the Samsung 30Q you can get them in the US for under $4 if you are willing to buy 400 :slight_smile:

Nope… I just buy 18650 from illumn… they got Samsung 30q button top for $5.5 each… free shipping $50 or more…

The button tops are on back order…. What’s my next best source of 8 18650 for a GT70?

I am not sure. You should email to illumn for the estimate arrival…

Illumn offer free shipping $50 or more…

Mtnelectronics sell Samsung 30q button top for $6.99 each… shipping is about $7.

Sorry for being off-topic here. Is there a protected Samsung 30q ? What happens if the charger malfunctions and does not stop at 4.2 V?

Yes, there is. Look at this review. I also was interested, but eventually gave up on finding a way to actually buy them. Maybe you have more luck.
BTW, if you are a bit carefull (there is lot’s of articles about it) and use your common sense,
you only need protected batteries when you use them in series and use them in more than one light.
And if you are a person who forgets to switch the light off after using it, of course.

First rule about charging Li-Ion batteries is: never do that unattended! (over night while you are sleeping, etc).
Edit: In 99% of all cases, unplugging the old one and buying a new one is all it takes.
As they say in F1 racing: this is a mechanical sport and things do break, so get over it.
And when you think of it, in most cases you have caused that malfunctioning yourself (unintentionally).