18650 light performance with 3 x AAA carrier

OK - my next newb question : ) .

I have a 1800 lumen (I know, its probably about 1/2 this) ultrafire XML T6 ordered, I am waiting on Kumabear to get back to me to get my batteries ordered, so ……

If I don’t get my 18650’s in time for my upcoming trip, how would this, or any other high lumen 1 x 18650 light perform using the optional 3 x AAA battery configuration in terms of output and run time?

Significantly lower output, with less runtime. Make sure you use NiMh cells though.

EDIT: 3 AAA's at 900mAh each (about highest out there) are +/- equivalent to an 18650 with only 900mAh capacity. Now compare that to a good 18650 with 2600mAh capacity! The AAA's (NiMh) also won't put out 3A (not sure which light you're running and what the driver pulls on high). Not sure what the max output from 3AAA's is, but I got 2.80A out of 4AAA's (NiMh) in the 57mm Ebay UltraOK light (and 2.30A out of 4 cheap alkalines).


The biggest limit is the battery carrier, it will suck potential power to the emmitter and AAA’s as Gary says don’t have the current delivery capabilities to run an xm-l at high current.

On the flip side, run it on the AAA’s for your trip, it’ll still blow away what your used to, then when you run it on 18650’s, it’ll be like having anew light all over again.

Can you get some eneloops before your trip? I’d get twelve, charge them up, you should get your time out of two sets of reserves and hopefully be able to recharge them inbetween, I don’t know you accommodation set up.

Thanks, I am slowly learning, but just did not see how the AAA’s were going to match the 18650 performance.

I am used to NiMh rechargables, I really like Energizers because I have a charger with a 12v adapter and can charge them up in my truck in about 15 minutes. The run times I want are “ideal” , I can manage with less, I never have just one light with me hunting : ), and I don’t keep the light on at all times, in fact most of the time I am in the woods, its lights off. The lights are on to walk to the dogs and to shine the trees, but usually off the rest of the time. The longer time is a bonus for me so that on those long nights I don’t have to deal with any or many battery changes, and for short week night hunts, I can go days without the need for a battery change.

I’m really hoping he gets back to me so I can just get the 18650’s, don’t really want a bunch of AAA’s I want have much use for, but may get a few just so the light is useable.

Thx -had never tried myself but imagined same type of results in my head. :slight_smile:

Well most of the key points are well covered (carrier resistance, lower capacity, and not being able to push high currents). I do want to comment on your choice of AAA NiMh since it sounds like you are going to be buying new AAAs not just using the ones you have on hand.

Things may have changed since I last looked at Energizer cells but they used to be absolutely awful. High internal resistance and the associate high self discharge. I had some that new would basically almost be dead a week after charging with no use. They got worse as the time spent at low state of charge prematurely aged them. Any low self discharge cell would be better for a high current light. They’d also make better spares since you could charge them and leave them ready to go if you ever end up in a power emergency.

AAAs are a real disappointment when it comes to any high-performance expectations, but they are great for non-flashaholics using emitters that can thrive while drawing less power like XP-Gs or XP-Es, etc. But aside from the battery holders causing resistance, they break and tend to give the people I’ve sold them to trouble. Sometimes it’s just easier to upgrade to li-ion anyway. All the guys on our engineering team are using them now.

Thanks for the replies, I went with the energizers again, because I don’t plan to use them in this light for long, and have good luck with them over all. I have 3400’s on the way from Bob, just waiting for them to get here.

I hunted with it over the long weekend, and it did fine, 2 nights of hunting on the same set of AAA’s. And I was pleased with the brightness, of course I wouldn’t mind more :slight_smile: . I can’t wait to compare the difference in performance once the 3400 18650 get here.

Glad it worked out for you!

You will definately notice a difference. How did the hunt go, did the light help?

This was not a typical hunt for me, I went on 1 of my annual trips to a camp with friends. It was very fun but not very productive LOL. New hunters and new dogs not used to coon hunting, and a river thats high and flooding the woods made things a little interesting LOL.

The light was helpful, but there were 6 other folks shining lights all over the place too. For those not familiar with coon hunting, too many lights that are too bright, can be a bad thing. Most of my hunting is done alone, I think its gonna be a very good fit for me.