18650 or 26650 holder?

I'm going for a light project and I wonder if anyone has found a good source for the lithium battery holders. I have a whole bunch of 18650 from laptop packs and I've found cheap 26650's (IMR's even) at bmsbattery.com. They also have nice 38120's (MASSIVE), but I'm not holding out on finding holders for those :)

Those look pretty nice with the pcd but I don't know if I want to spend ~20shipped for just the testing phase. The kinda irony there is that I can get a 18650 charger for $5 shipped and just throw away the charger part and use as bays. LOL

I haven't seen anything for 26650 at all. That seems to be nice size since you can easily hack a 18650 charger for them and they have no current droop.

Buyincoins has holders for cheap: http://www.buyincoins.com/ultrafire-18650-cr123a-16340-battery-case-holder-box-8pcs-product-251.html

take some modding though.But they are cheap!!


There are a few on E-bay with free shipping..

I found these:


But I'm not sure what the bottom looks like since they don't have pics.

I bought 5 of those, they are flat bottomed. I've glued them to a bit of wood and am about to attach the balancing wires.

Check the wiring though, red was negative on mine.

Do the wires come out bottom? I don't see them in their ebay photo.



This photo seems to show a screw sticking up into the bay. That can't be good...

Here's a picture of mine.

Having wired up the balance harness at last then spent a few hours checking for continuity, ripping joints apart and resoldering them, the springs are a bit on the weak side. They should be fine with protected cells, but with unprotected ones I needed to put small magnets on the + end to pus some tension into the springs. 17670s should be just fine, or the longer protected 18700s and the like. For my next trick I'll build a cradle and balance harness for both my 32600s.

Which 32600's do you have?

The KD flat-top unprotected ones (Need to use magnets with them to get them to make contact in a Mag) that get used in a 2D with an ROP High bulb though when the last bulb pops I'll probably put the Fusion showerhead in with them instead.


Found this ebayer selling 18650 holders at good price. Now the question is, does the protected 18650 cell fit in?

No way of knowing till you try. I have some that need about 4mm added to a cell with magnets to make them fit and one that needed to be cut in half and extended by about 4mm to make an unprotected cell fit. I'd recommend getting one of five first to see..

I just ordered a 5 pack of these along with some other AA holders I were looking for. I'll report back when I receive them.

"WP6II�s charging bay from left to right, two bays one group, only one battery in the group is processing CC and CV method while two battery are pulse charging method.


this was on the WP6II information from SB. Wonder what it means? that every one in two cells are given 1.2A pulse charge without CC.CV algorithm?? sounds really scary..