18650 "Pany B" battery same as the NCR18650B?

I’ve seen the term “Pany B” used, and I think it refers to the Panasonic non-protected 18650 battery (NCR18650B). Is that correct? Why does this battery have a nick name like everyone should just know it? Is is especially affordable? High mAh? I see is listed as 3400mAh. But the battery itself doesn’t actually list mAh.

As far as I know it is. The name sticks because it’s easier to say panny B than NCR18650B, you know?

It’s a great high capacity cell for up to 4’ish or 5 amps. Anything more and you need the Sanyo (formerly Panasonic) NCR18650GA which is still 3350mah but can give 10 amps. One of the best high drain h9gh capacity cells in 19650 size in my opinion.

Be careful when buying the NCR-B, this is probably the most counterfeited cell out there, along with the Samsung 30Q. Buy the Sanyo GA from a reputable source instead, similar in price but much better performance.