18650 power bank question

I have this power bank that I saw got good reviews but I notice a thing in its design that makes me nervous about using it.

The negative wire is tucked under the positive connections and im worried about them ever touching and making a short. Is this something I should toss in the trash despite the reviews or can I do something like wrap the negative area near the positive in electrical tape in an attempt to insulate it?

I doubt the connection can move very much, i.e. it is probably safe enough.

put a tape if you’re scared

I’d say it’s pretty much safe unless you somehow drop and dent the case

Put liquid electrical tape on the area you are worried about.

Add a bit of epoxy, glue or whatever you have.

i have these or other like it and never had a problem
BUT make sure to check out the output voltage some of these can be to hi i like ones that go UP TO 4.23v