18650 question for Oz residents

I’m interested as to where all you antipodeans buy your (quality) 18650 batts.
I have bought Trustfire Flames from DX.
Now interested in some higher output versions, protected.

Personally I dont go past IOS not only with batteries but anything to do with flashlights. There was a problem in the past with a particular battery but I cant see it happening again. Another plus is that they have what is in stock showing.


I bought these .

Very good performance at a great price, good if you want to stock up on batts.

I bought from the same seller as well, and I got mine within three weeks. There is also this , but it’s from a seller that’s had no feedback. If you’re willing to save $13, maybe?

The only thing I have found with these batteries though is the metal in the negative end is too soft. I have recharged them only once with an Xtar WP2 (v1) and there are already dimples on them. Oh well, I could always rip off the protection and use them unprotected down the track.

I buy Panasonic NCR18650As from this Sydney based ebayer

The protected “BLAZAR” branded ones in particular. They are only a few dollars more than what you’d get them for offshore, and are easily some of the best available. You can expect exceptional after-sales service from this seller as well.

Nipple top
Button top
Flat top

I’d recommend the button tops as the perfect all-rounder.

I got mine in 4 days… But then again it was sent via EMS. I just couldnt wait.

NCR18650A 3100mAh protected based:

Same as
Cainn - button tops from supersports600 on ebay. His listings are worth a read as well.