18650 to 32650 sleeve

Anyone know if there is sleeve to convert 18650 to 32650? And where to buy it? Thanks.

I dont… i have a brand new 32650 cell if you want to buy it.

I use PVC pipe to fit 18650’s in my Maglite. I have to use two sizes of pipe, one over the other, to make it thick enough.

Frankly, a coupla layers of bubble-wrap would do, but thin sheets of “packing foam” can be wrapped around it. That’s what I use in a pinch.

Thanks guys.

I am asking because I just acquired a Lumintop S10. It takes 3AA, 32650, and 1D. I have a bunch of 18650 lying around that can power the SD10, so I thought it would be nice to get 1 or 2 sleeves.