18650.UK and wholesale.18650.uk

Hello BLF

18650UK are primarily a wholesale cell supplier and consultation service to the Electric Vehicle, motorsport, military and aerospace sectors. We also have a very busy retail platform which can be found here - www.18650.uk

This time last year, BLF were instrumental in helping us root out the best cells to stock for your market and as a development to this and direct result of my horror at some of the prices of the cells on the market (being that they’re simply re-wrapped OEM cells) we’ve recently set about releasing some products of the same or better standard at much more reasonable prices.

I wrote a short blog piece here - https://18650.uk/unbranded-protected-cells-from-18650-uk/

The cells are now available in the torch category here - https://18650.uk/shop/torch-batteries/

If there are any other cells you would like to see in button top or protected format, please do let me know.

Dont forget, BLF has a 10% discount code - BLF10

Thanks once again for your help and support :slight_smile:

Ben - Sales Director.

Interesting - thanks for the heads up :+1:

I might try some of those when I order my next BLF LT1 lantern. My Keeppower protected 18650s are annoyingly fat, to the point where they only fit about half my lights.

I also like the idea of being able to see exactly what base cell I’m using through the clear wrap. No chance of undisclosed manufacturer substitutions :slight_smile: