Hello all,

Long time lurker, finally decided to jump in while waiting for delivery of a new TK75 Fenix. (will mainly be used as an aid for night navigation on a boat)

My question is are there many places around, besides the internet, to buy 18650’s?? I guess I’m wondering who would carry them? I’m thinking maybe Gun Shops? I don’t really know where to begin to look. (radio shack said they only take internet orders as well)

Any help would be appreciated!!

Lou B

Since your in the US
I suggest www.mtnelectronics.com
RMM a forum member here is the owner
And the batteries he sells are top notch
BTW welcome to the forum

Oops just realized you said non internet
As far as that goes I have no idea good luck on your quest

I’ve seen a solarforce dealer at gun shows and they had Liion batteries. EXPENSIVE though.

I’d stick with reputable online dealers.

You can find 18650s at Vapor (electric cigarette) shops.

cf. YP I tried calling theVapeWay but they're closed today.

But yeah, some of the best have Panasonic as their base cell.

ahhh OK I have a serious smoke shop right up the road that just might be able to help. Good guys over there as well.

Other than that I definitely will check into RMM at Mountain. His Panny’s are out of stock at the moment but the price looks worth the wait.

Thanks guys!!!

I added a little more to my post above

RMM said around Jan 4 he should have them back in stock. (Pana) (pre-order NCR18650B)

The only issue you could have is whether or not they fit in your light.

its size: Diameter:18.67mm Height: 69.5mm

I don't have your flashlight so I wouldn't know if it's particular about cell size.

My local “tobacco” smoke shop doesn’t stock them and even if they did after speaking to them I don’t think I’d want to buy off them. I think they might be smoking the profits over there…hahaha….

The hell with it who needs them when we got Mountain Electronics!!! I’d prefer to see Richard and his family get the business to be honest with you.

Great suggestion though!!!