[19-FEB-2013] Comment post edits within 1 minute wait period now working

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay, but an annoying bug has finally been fixed. To prevent spam, we have been enforcing a maximum of 1 post/minute rule, which has proved to be extremely effective at fighting spam. But the code was also preventing comments from being edited within the 1 minute timeframe. So I finally paid a developer to fix this functionality. I hope this tweak makes BLF a bit more enjoyable for everybody.

Thanks, have fun!

Great, thanks!

Awesome! That was annoying me! Thanks!


Thank you Sb

That’s a great fix. I always catch a mistake as soon as I hit Save.

Me to too! :wink:

Thanx sb56637!

Awesome! I like it! :party: :beer:


Woop woop! :D

With the subjects we value the most

On some things one can get so engrossed

In the blink of an eye

You'll mess up your reply

Now it's easy to edit your post

Thanks , sb

Thanks Mr Admin! Greatly appreciated!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks! :wink: I wish this forum would let me frontpage comments!

Thank you

Thanks for the update and fix!

Thanks Mr. Admin, do you cope with the expenses of BLF or do we (Users) need to chip in? If that programmer has an idea how to permanently switch the PM editor to the advanced one, let me know. ;-)

Nice one…

Thanks SB !


EDIT: Woohoo!

EDIT: Now I don't have to look like an idiot for a whole minute!

EDIT: Thanks for all your hard work!