[19-FEB-2013] Help choose three new lights for the BLF frontpage welcome!

Hi everyone, the following is a familiar site for thousands of BLF visitors daily:

In fact, by now it’s probably a bit too familiar. So, it’s time to change those three moniker flashlights. Since the inception of BLF, LED technology has evolved rapidly. When I first picked those three flashlights (Tank007 TK-566, Akoray K-106, and Tank007 E07) a few years ago, they represented some of the most fascinating options available in the budget flashlight world. Now, they have been supplanted by other newer, more attractive, budget flashlights. But which are they? I’ll leave that to the BLF users to determine.

In the brainstorming/voting box below, please vote for up to three options. Also feel free to add new suggestions.

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Please try to include and vote for different battery types and styles for different purposes. For starters, I included a 2x18650 thrower and a 1xAA pocket light. And there’s obviously a lot more out there. But please keep the budget aspect in mind! This is BudgetLightForum, after all. At the end of a week of brainstorming and voting, I’ll pick the top three models, and then you guys can help me locate and get permission to use images of the top three.

Enjoy the decision making process!

sipik sk68,

tank007 e09,

skylay wing


sk68 is ubiquitous!
everybody has a SRK King, except me

just throwing out there that you are providing free advertising to the winners

Yep, and I guess the eventual winners deserve it too. :slight_smile: They’ll only be images, I won’t link to the product at any particular seller, just as it is currently. The links we are adding to the brainstorm are only for reference purposes.

Jacob A60
HD Defiant

I can’t edit the thing but these should be choices

The “Add new idea” button should work for everybody.

I wouldn’t mind a picture of a panasonic 3400 mAH cell, unless there is an 18650 with more juice

Yeah it’s just a pain on the phone :wink:

Skyray king ought to be one maybe the 3T6 and the hd2010

Edit - SK68 everyone has one of these

Ah yes, gotcha. :slight_smile:


Budget! TF Flames! Xtar 2600!

We need to keep the heritage of the BUDGET Light Forum alive, so I think we should include a very-budget oriented light, then maybe some staples of the community such as the Black King (distinctive, popular, looks good, and Black shows up better on a light-colored background), a C8 (I think about everybody has one), or a P60 host such as the SolarForce L2m as it is such a quality host. Maybe the Small-Sun ZY-T08 (unique style, good performer) or the Small Sun ZY-T13 as it's a good super-budget thrower...

I'm trying to think of a unique budget light of <$10 as an option. The SK-68 would be an option, but that's not a pretty enough light for the banner. Maybe use a 501b for the P60 host instead of the SolarForce as that light embodies the Cheap-Yet-Functional aspect of the Budget Light mindset.

Good point, thanks for mentioning this. I update the first post to this effect.

Sipik SK68, unless it's too "tacticool" for your friends.

Oh no. What did I say? I think I did it again.. Sorry! ;)
Seriously: New BLF edition lights must be included:
- BLF A8
- BLF mini

I created an entry for the awesome Convoy S2 (1x18650) lineup and specifically the 1.4A/5C option for ~$16. The true essence of "budget" or "bang-for-the-buck".


Emitter options XM-L 1B,5C,7C tint

1, 1.4, 2.1, 2.8 Amps driver option

no strobes mode group available

1000,1400 mA model takes long protected cells and also unprotected cells due to a long front spring

1400 mA has a 5%,30%, 100% mode spacing... better than the other models which have a 50-60% medium which is too high imho

Anodized rear threads

can barely tailstand

very edc-able for an 1x18650 light

Possible cons:

2.1 and 2.8 Amp options might have trouble with the longer protected cells or shorter unprotected cells but I don't own these to verify.(short front spring of the Nanjg 105c)

medium too high on 1000,2100,2800 mA model , but that is in the eye of the beholder and personal taste

Boaz complains about the lack of grippy knurling, that old knurling fetishist ;-)


only $14~17 depending on the options

Link to Fasttech

Sipik SK68 for AA

SR King for value multi-emitter

HD2010 for best value thrower

The C8 deserves a spot as well

lights added

Sipik 68 because of its proliferation
Jacobs A60 because it’s the throwiest thing you can get on a tight budget right now
…something else. Maybe a C8? A Match or OL Magmod? Zxhaeiou (or whatever) or Convoy S2?

This thread is quickly turning into a spectacular reference for the top picks of 2012-2013. Nice job guys!