[1900k edition is in!] WTS: 1900k-5800k 5mm LED 95+ CRI

23k-AB and 34k-A is now down to LAST pack each. I will not be able to restock them in the foreseeable future (if ever).

Do not send payment before I confirm it, if your order includes either of these. First come first served.

This is sooo sad. If you still have the last packs, I will claim both of them. I have 100 of each in my stock already but … they will eventually run out.
I hope you’ll find alternatives.

Let me know, I’ll PM

Bummer, I had just talked myself into buying both.

If you find any more packs laying (or even partial packs) around, please me know via PM.

A big thanks rngwn for setting me up with the scraps he had left!

That’s unfortunate news. Sofirn C01 is using those leds. Hopefully one of the other companies could fill in the void. Somewhere between 2700k - 3500k.

I do have backup companies to order from. The biggest problem is that I cannot get them as cheaply as Sophia's. In fact, I'd rather be making 0.5w models which delivers more output and could fit more hosts because the BOM gap between the standard models and those EX models isn't all that big anymore.

I do happen to have a high-CRI 3mm prototypes laying around in 3200k and 4000k, so I might as well list them here for $8/50pcs as well.

The 1900K 5mm LEDs are awesome!

I swapped out 6 cold white emitters in a simple flashlight, transforming it from a well-meaning gift I didn’t have a use for into a fantastic night-time companion. ePacket delivery took 21 days to my US address, which I’m happy with given expected holiday shipping delays.

All photos are locked to ISO 55, white balance 4500K on a Pixel 4 XL.

I’m running the LEDs at around 10 mA via (((4.0−2.7)÷20)×1000)÷6. (6 LEDs in parallel, 20 Ohm resistor, roughly 4 volts from lightly used 3× AAA alkaline in series, ignoring internal resistance. I’ll switch to NiMH.)

Click/tap photos for larger view.

Before - 6× stock cold white LEDs:

(The flashlight is already partially disassembled, making the side spill more visible.)

After - 6× RWN05-19K-C:

In case it’s useful for anyone else, here’s a tint comparison against a D4SV2 with OSRAM W2 and a KR4 with Nichia E21A 2700K and non-floody optic.

Tint comparison - OSRAM W2, E21A 2700K, RWN05-19K-C:

(The host flashlight body is very basic. There isn’t a dedicated optic, just a plastic cover. I’m impressed by how well this worked.)

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Good work! Enjoy the candle-like color.

These 5mm LED’s basically are their own optic and are not typically used with an external optic. I believe both the size of the cavity the LED sits in and the height and curvature of the dome affect the beam profile of a 5mm LED.

If you want to widen the beam angle (equivalent to dome slicing)


Update: The postal service has raised the cost of e-Packet to U.S. once again. From March 1, 2022, the ePacket shipping cost to U.S. will be $11. The shipping cost to other countries remains the same until further notice.

Until then, the ePacket shipping cost to the U.S. remains the same $10.

Absolutely loving the 1900K, looks gorgeous.

I got some keychain lights from Sofirn’s website and modded them with all my different diodes bought from here.

Here’s a post showcasing them.

I’m going to switch from 2300K to 1900K in some of my candles. That warm glow is fantastic.

YES! The 1900K is perfect for night lights and led candles! A soft warm glow. I have been driving my night light projects with a single AA using a QX5252F and around 470-680uH inductor. This draws about 4-5mA, so an Eneloop charge should run around 450 hours! Anything brighter I have found to be too bright and disturbing to sleep. Maybe a bit brighter in the bathroom.
Nice about the 5252F, it will shut off when the battery drops below .9 volts to save from over discharge.

Very nice! Would love to see some pics. Are you mounting components on a board? Maybe a noob question but I’m running all kinds of components wild making tiny 1900k night lights :smiley:

Any wisdom is always appreciated

Update: The last pack of 4500k has been sold out.

Goodmorning, i hope all is well. I was looking to purchase a few of the 5mm Led packs you have listed, do you still have these available:

1900k - RWN05-19K-C

-50 pack

3200k - RWN05-32K-C

  • 20 pack

shipping: epacket (u.s.)

thank you, have a great day