1D Host, the way it should be done!

I got a package in the mail today and I wanted to share my thoughts about it.


These two 1D hosts came from Chicago X and I wanted to say that they are excellent. They are better than I could ever make and the word professional comes to mind when looking these hosts over. I will tell you up front, that I will not be making any 1D hosts myself any more, as long as I can get these from Chicago X. There's no reason for me to bust my chops when I can use these for my file work. I don't care that the price of my mods will go up, because the craftsmanship more than makes up for it.

I did some horse trading for these two and I can say, I got the better horses in the deal.


The threads come already lubed and they are smooth as silk.


Same with the interior threads. The head and tail cap remain stock.


These are bored for 4AA batteries.


With the stock tail cap/spring and 4AA holder, there's still plenty of room for a heat sink and driver.

These will have tail cap switches put in them, but the 1D can be done with the stock side switch. It's just a little longer with the stock switch in it. They also don't have to be bored, but I love doing the 4AA mods.

I am probably running my mouth here, which I do all the time and will continue to do anyhow, but there's no reason to have to search through CPF for a 1D host, if Chicago X will make you one. The others I have seen are not done the right way. This light is balanced, with the knurled section complete and centered in the body. The others always just cut off partway in the knurl and they look lopsided.

Chicago X, if I shouldn't have, then you can slap me, (if you can reach me)Wink...

I got mine from him yesterday as well. All I can say is WOW! :love:

This is really cool! Awesome work

I just need the material to make a suitable heatsink then it gets a U3 and the 4A ramping driver. Need to find a proper switch to fit into the tail as well. Any suggestions on a switch from radioshack, Justin?

Thanks for the kind words, O-L.

[wipes tear from eye]

Awesome, I would love to order a 1d for a 26650 light, have to pm chix see what he says, given the ridiculous cost of mags over here, it might be not much more than a stock 3d……hmmmm

Johnnymac, that would be awesome with that ramping driver, your going to love it. 8)

I’m still as buzzed with it as I was when I first got it going.

Go 32650 instead and maximize the power!

Mmmmmm, given my love of d hosts, I need to get some 32600/32650 cells, I still harbor a desire to get some classic hosts and xm-l nw the buggers. 8)

Chicago X, how much do you sell them for?

I use a Judco pushbutton switch for the tail cap. 3amp, 5amp or 10amp, depending on the need. I believe there's a couple threads around on it, but I use a piece of 1" dia plastic rod and hollow out for the switch, make the pushbutton cover and use a "C" spring.

I get them from DigiKey

Very nice work there Chicago X. You have a very special bunch of happy customers. Keep up the good work as you look like you will be very busy. Well done.

Yeah, real hard, he likes it… J)

If you can find them, A123 makes (made?) a wicked 32650 LiFePO4 cell. Around 5000 mAh, but can supply 70A without breaking a sweat. 90% of the discharge curve is between 3.3 and 3.1V

Great pics, Justin...thank you for sharing.

Damn fine work, ChicagoX! Really good call on swapping the ends to preserve the knurling.

$35 to $50, depending on options.

High praise, coming from the Match the Mod Madman !

From a talented machinist as yourself, that's much appreciated.

those look beautiful and a good price too! My mum was once really put out when an Egyptian stall holder offered her more camels for my dad than he offered my dad for her :slight_smile:

OL - you can now spend even more time on the beautification now you don’t have to worry about the chassis. I’m still going to do my own 1D one day, just because I have one and I’m a cranky old sod. I did do one of your 2AA maglite > Nichia mods and it came out beautifully though. Just have to wait until it gets gifted before I can post it up here.