1Tac sent to space?

Just had a commercial pop up on Youtube about the 1Tac flashlight being so tough they sent it to space on a weather balloon and it survived :person_facepalming: claiming its the only “tactical tough enough flashlight to survive” Anyone here into high altitude balloons or rockets like that so we can send up literally any other “tactical” flashlight just for fun? Bonus points if its a BLF special or maybe the cheapest walmart thing on the shelf? These as seen on TV “tacticool” million lumen zoomie navy seal flashlight commercials make me
wanna puke. I realize that to Muggles its probably the greatest thing ever but jeeze…

Just for giggles heres the link

I wish they would send them all there

Especially with they price they charge. Same can be said about Atomic Beam, Tactlight. Ha Ha.