1xAAA DIY hosts?

I've seen a lot of DIY 1x18650 hosts and a handful of 1xAA hosts, but I haven't found any 1xAAA hosts yet.

Does anyone know of any?

i’d be interested in the AA hosts

Never seen one in all my torch browsing. Its hard enough to even find a driver that will fit in such a small host.

fancyflashlights.com has a few AA and a AAA host: the host with the most

Nice find soytnly, Looks like a nice stainless host with a tail cap switch.
Looks like they have the circuit that’s for it too.

Thanks for the responses.

That host from FF looks a lot like this light at Fasttech. I might get the complete light from FT and try taking it apart.

Ahh, looks like the Yezl S7 (a.k.a TrustFire F23 and Aurora SH-036 ).

It’s really nice to see a single mode version! I’ve read that this torch is quite heavy, but I still want one.

This was way back in 2006, but I remember all the threads on the Classic Dorcy 1AAA Twisty and all the mods being done to them. Not sure if you can still find these around anymore.



i just saw this today…i have been looking for a good aa p60 host as well if anybody knows any

edit: sorry just realized you said aaa…this host is aa

That beam(g3) looks similar to the Utilitech AAA, aka the Lumatic Special.

What do you mean by modable host? To me, anything I can pull apart is modable and the stock drivers on most AAA lights are pretty weak on output and the lights with better drivers don’t sell them separately. That leaves me in my current situation, one of cutting up both the lights and the drivers to get what I’m after.