1xCR123 flashlight with magnetic selector ring

But they come in a gift box with a charger and a battery.

Did you order one from them? they don’t state the shipping charges up front.

Foy, where did you order yours? the original link or the one with the gift box, battery and charger? If the latter, how much was shipping? I’d like to orde r some as gifts from the latter but they don’t tell you shipping prices until after you place the order.

“Cooling fins” on the real SR3 are just the selector ring too. Shouldn’t be any worse at cooling than the real thing.

Johnny - I ordered this one. http://www.buyincoins.com/details/led-cree-q5-magnetic-control-switch-flashlight-torch-2-product-4147.html And shipping was free.


the last site is expensive shipping expect about 5$ a light to ship each one breaks on shipping happen at about 50 pounds ..meaning there are no shipping deals

True...... The V10R is still the ideal torch interms of thermal management! The emitter/star sits on the aluminium block which forms the heatsink fins and the fins are separate to the ring.

Regardless, you still make a good point, the SR3 isnt any better... The sheer size I guess is itself a helping factor.

I think the real thing just isn't over driven ... real simple ..maybe too simple

and it has real mass..

The tube by the way doesn't fit the nitecore . if it did it would have been worth 3 times the light just for the tube .One can hope :p

Hoping mine come today or tomorrow. Seeing others get theirs before me is like being the last kid picked for teams in gym class. Who all got their's already?

I got mine, the cr123 version and i quite like it. Note of caution do not take it apart in hand otherwise youll end up searching for hours for the tiny magnet and the steel ball inder the selector.

Decently bright. It is a single mode multimode light. Can act both ways. Unfortunately a forward clicky was not present.

I havent received mine either, and today is holiday here so only next week can I expect to receive it

Budgeteer, so does yours light up with low mode selected? Does it have 6 selectable ring positions, too?

Double yes. :)

Actually it did when the battery was 4,19V but after some use it does not start in low... :/

Got a 18650 one! Thanks for sharing!

How low is the low and is the spacing decent? Wonder why in the world they put a reverse clicky in it.

I received one of each (16350 and 18650) today. Being the hopeless nerd I am, the first thing I did was to take the pill apart to see what makes this thing tick. From a first glance, it seems to be direct drive, with brightness controlled by PWM via a FET (the B772 thingy). More interesting, judging by the pin-out, the MCU seems to be a PIC 12f..., which means, it could be reprogrammed (cue manic laughter).

As you can see from the picture, the driver PCB is quite large, larger than the 4x7135 driver I put next to it for comparison. The pill is quite deep, so there should be enough space to stuff in two of these babies, which could be controlled by bypassing the FET...

I think you all get where I'm going with this. Replace the Q5 with a well-driven XM-L, reprogram the MCU and you've got an insanely bright light with a kick-ass UI.

Thank you so much Tido for the pictures of the guts, I guess I better order one. Will a 16mm emitter fit or do I need to order another 14?

The emitter is mounted on a standard 16mm round aluminium disc (which, BTW, could use some thermal grease under it).

Indeed, the emitter is just put on the pill. I'll glue it today sonce i'm not gonna go the xm-l way on this one.

I'm excited ...i'm going to re-program my MCU ..when I get the stuff to do it with .. I just ordered my programmer it's in the mail . whoo hoo i love ebay