1xCR123 flashlight with magnetic selector ring

Good price for this magnetic selector ring flashlight (a copy of Nitecore SR3). Ordered one.


WOW that is a really cool looking flashlight, if it heat sinks half as good as it looks like it would it will make a great XM-L mod light. Please report back when you get it, I really like it.

Sweetness! Have you bought from them before? Are they pretty quick delivering? I already know I should just save myself the debate and time and just pull the trigger on this right now as I already know it's just a matter of time before I do. I like the look of this light!

Did you see the other one for the same price that takes an 18650?

If the second one mates up with the real sr3 I guarentee the tube is worth $50 to guys with the sr3 nitecore .I happen to know a dumby who has one so I had to buy a few of these . The sr3 was $129.00 so i don't expect much from these but he give them credit for stealing a design.I think the threads are tapered on the sr3 so I'm not holding my breath on the threads matching up .. nitecore made only 200? 18650 bodies and everybody with this light wants a 18650 body / tube . Columbus took a chance ...Nitecores and sunwayman both had flicker issues ..This will be interesting ..I'm in for 2-18650's and 1-cr123

14$ won't break the bank

oops i missed a discount too >>> https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/431

It's nice to see cheap flashlights with rotary switch coming to market. The cr123 one looks OK (not appealing), but not the one with the 18650 battery.

I'm still waiting for infinity rotary switch flashlight with AA size battery and romisen rc-g2 size reflector. A copy of Jetbeam RRT-0 would be nice :)

They are ok, I ordered from them many times.

OMG. I just bought the 16340 version 1 minute before reading there is a 18650 version. :)

Expect a review in a few weeks. I have a 16340 trusty around i bought sometime ago and nowehere to use since the SS-004 died way too many times to be worthy to consider.

Yeah, I like the looks of the 16340 model but not the 18650 version. Proportioned all wrong.

That 18650 does sound interesting. I'll wait for the reviews to see if it works decent though.

Thanks for the heads up. :)

A 18650 SR3 clone for $12.22? Why yes, I'll take a couple. ;)

How did you get it for $12.22?

Lol I thought the 18650 version was prettier... Still out of proportion, but more acceptable than the 16340 version.

I still think its too overworked.. and the colours... omg.

Ill still take my nitecore extremes over the SR3 type, although if the UI of the SR3 clones are anything like the SR3, that would be truly awesome!

I used "10%eBay110" for 10% off and using any legitimate user name gets you another 5% off (mine is "OxyMoron"). I'm not sure about the former but the latter only works if you don't already have an account (no biggie, just use a different email address).

Edit: Full disclosure: Apparently, I get points... or something if you use my username. At least that's what I gather from what they have on their website. It doesn't really make sense to me but I thought I'd mention it.

It means they copied the specs of the SR3? Wonder what the hardware part of it is.... haha I dont see a part that could move in the clone.. what appears to be heatsink fins could be just that.. heatsink fins.

Of if those are part of the moving ring, then the torch does'nt have a much improved heatsink area over normal torch bodies.

Iā€™m inclined to believe those fins are just the ring and it has lousy cooling. I still want one though. :wink:

Hope it's as good as these 18650 and 16340

They look like the exact same thing only pricier.

I just ordered the second one too. Too po fo a (real) niteco.


I've questioned the sr3 alot and considered selling it a couple of times but it's well made and has a few features that are just nice .. one is the fact it face plants well ..I;m sorry but I'm getting tired of touching a light and having it fall over and take out my whole collextion like dominos . the bigger reflector makes for a nicer beam and it's built really well .I had to buy these just to see . if the 18650 tube fits the sr3 it would be a miracle.. one can hope .