2 Amp Single Mode Driver

Does anyone have a suggestion for a 2 amp driver that has a single mode? Size is not important as long as it fits in a maglite. I would prefer for it to come with wires attached shipped from the US but I am doubtful I will get that lucky. :P

Edit: Forgot to mention does anyone know of a US source for maglite heatsinks?

I have no idea scaru……sorry!I do remember that you can double up the “micro pucks” to get the current you need…but I don’t remeber where to buy them.Have a good night anyways!

I’ll make you a heatsink—shoot me a PM with details. I plan to start working on a new batch soon (tomorrow!)

The Sandwich Shoppe sells a 2A buck driver that is single mode. They can prewire it for you for a fee and they’re based right here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Buck, Boost, Buck/Boost or Linear?

Or, asked another way… How many LEDs in series, and how many of what type of battery will be in series?


Is that the "Shark Buck" you are talking about?

Yes, it is.

Tempting but for that price I would just get a 1.4 amp driver and be done with it.

Alternatively, Dereelight sells a pill for one of their lights that has a single-mode buck driver at 2.5A driving an XM-L for $30. It comes as a P60 pill assembly and just needs a reflector to work in a Solarforce host.

This is the closest i could find:


it’s 5 mode OR 3 mode or 2 mode, but maybe someone knows how to make this a single mode (is is a 7135+atmel driver)

I think what I am going to do is order one of those along with one of the 1.4 amp versions and then try to short out the Atmel chip. I think that will make it single mode.

get two of this or similar drivers


you can use two drivers combined or add 3 7135 ics to one board.