2 dead convoy flashlights, best place for replacement LEDs?

I have a C8 and an S2+, both running 7135*8 drivers and XM-L2 LESs. Recently both LEDs have died and only run on almost moonlight levels. I’d like to replace them with the same XM-L2 LEDs, can anyone advise the best place to source them for someone in the UK?

Are you sure that the problem are the LEDs?, moonlight levels sound more like a driver issue or electrical contact issue.

My thoughts exactly.

Check the leds by applying ~3.6volts directly to them. I’d also bet it’s the drivers that failed. IMO most leds are relatively robust.

Good luck…

There is an orange/brown spot on the corner of the LED in the C8, wasn’t there before it stopped working.

I also have Convoy S2+ that stays only on the moonlight mode no matter which mode it was in. but mine was direct driven using BLF A6 driver and the bond wire blown hence the “eternal moonlight” mode. i replace it with XPL since i want this to be direct driven and all is good. Not sure why yours could be blown since it is not directly driven.

ps. blown bond wire will make the XML always lit up like in the moonlight and the latest gen XML2 have weak bond wire replace it with XPL and you wont have problem with blown bond wire. Dont pust XML2 pass 5A.