2-lens flood-to-throw lights

Has anyone acquired any of the twin-lens FTT lights yet?

I'm very curious of how the pre-collimation works in the real world.

Here you got a link to the post already made about it, or maybe you are talking about other llight than Ultrafire T8, if so, please comment which one.

not yet, but once my DX lenses arrive I'm going to make one.

The jobsmart 3D zoomie I modded is begging to have a precollimator added. I'm sure there is much more to designing one than just adding a lens at a convenient location, but maybe I'll get lucky lol

Thanks yavi, I have seen two variants of what appear to be the same torch in the thread linked.

I was wondering if anyone had them in-hand for review.

I am afraid I don't know of anyone else who had already purchased it.

So, pay attention to the other thread to see the results, as soon as I receive it I will let you know as there are some more users waiting for it.

dthrckt, I am also very interested about your design, keep us updated please :)

I’m guessing it’s like trying to make a XM-L into a XR-E but not succeeding :slight_smile:
Maybe the flood mode will be a little better than with a XR-E?
No amount of pre-collimating is going to make the XM-L brighter than the XR-E (as far as lux) as far as I can tell.
I guess we’ll find out soon.

the flood mode already stomps the XRE, i think they're just trying to lose less light in throw mode.

I think it is possible to focus a 1000 lumen emitter to greater lux than a 300 lumen one, despite a lower surface brightness - but I would agree that you probably won't see it in a budget light, and even if you ignore cost, it might not make for a very practical (portable) flashlight...

anyway, I hope it is decent, and popular, because I'd like to see more variation and creativity in budget lights...

You can’t focus something to make it brighter than it started out. In other words you start out at 100% and everything you do after that is to minimize losses.
You’ll have more lumen output with the XM-L of course.
You may (or may not) make the XM-L more efficient than it would have been without the second lens. I think the inefficiency of having a second lens will probably outweigh any gains.

I am happy with the distance achieved with a good 38mm lens and XM-L, so if the double lens does it better than that and also combines a nice flood, it will be a really good thing.

Sure it will throw better with an XR-E, but the spot might be too small and might not be very useful but for the WOW effect, and XR-E in flood mode is not as nice as XM-L.

It did not arrive today yet, I hope it will during this week, or the latest during next week.

Received, I will update tonight on https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/5447

XR-E ain't enough lumens for me!