2 More lights for trade :) 2/11 update.

Hi everyone,

I have 2 more lights I would like to trade.

The top one is a coleman max 6AA light. It hasnt seen much use, it went on like 2 cave tips and thats about it. The emitter appears to be Cree XPE, and its a thrower with a smooth beam.

The other one is a standard incan minimag.

I also have one of these heat sinks.

For trades items can be together or separate. I’m into about any kind of light AA, 123, 18605, 26650, please dont be shy :slight_smile:


Items below are already traded.*

Thanks all.

I’ll take it

New items up for trade...

Vin did u ship my mini light out yet ?

Hey nitro,

Lol no, you never gave me your address... I assumed you wanted me to ship the minimag and your driver/heat sink along with the maglites you wanted.

If you would prefer to have them now, I can get them in the box for ya. Just pm me your addy :)

Not a problem, ill pm u with my address

Bump for some awesome deals

To the top...

These lights are still looking for a great new home..